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Anastassiya Leonova
Anastassiya Leonova

Anastassiya Leonova

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Anastassiya Leonova
Anastassiya Leonova
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Вашему вниманию представлен светильник «Reflect». Он разработан для тех, кто любит читать бумажные книги. Дизайн светильника подходит как для дома, так и для офиса. Принцип работы очень прост, свет исходящий из основания светильника отражается от регулируемого зеркала и направляется на книгу или на любой другой объект. У зеркала 2 стороны, с одной оно обычное, что дает рассеянный свет, с другой вогнутое, получается эффект сконцентрированного пучка света, который можно направить на отдаленное расстояние. Так же светильник может работать в выключенном состоянии, отражая свет от других источников освещения. Кроме того, светильник оснащен специальной полкой-закладкой для любимой книжки. Включить и выключить его возможно вращением палочки на которой закреплено зеркало.

When doing a design, I like the best a moment when you start feeling the idea. At that moment it’s very important to keep searching, don’t give up and there you will find something new, something that no one knew before. It’s indispensable to keep working having that idea in mind. At that time you’re still not able to express it but you are so fascinated of this feeling that it keeps you searching for hours. Only after you survived all that your idea starts emerging and there you can catch it. It makes you so glad and you start realizing it.

The idea of my lamp reminds creation ideas. You catch a sunbeam or any lights around it and reflect at the subject you want. This lamp consider 2 senses: feeling and seeing.You feel the thin and smooth shape and convenient use. You see beautiful structure and lighting effect. It’s a special lighting because of its ability to light up the objects you need even being switched off. This is possible due to the double sided adjustable mirror on its beam, which catches and reflects any light around it. One side of the mirror is simple and another side with lens. Also, it’s equipped with a special shelve-bookmark for your favorite book. To switch it on, it’s enough to turn around a shelf. Or you can close the cover on the base and the lamp can be a night lamp. The materials of my lamp are artificial stone or concrete which transmits light at the base with wooden handle and mirror on the end.

When I was doing my prototype I was faced with a number of some of the problems which how to make the structure more stable. And the second idea is how can I illuminate more space using reflected light (for example to illuminate the room).

My work is a love to simple but ingenious solutions. In order to create something you have to feel the situation, where your creation will leave. Close your eyes, imagine a room with nothing but white walls, a chair, me and my lighting.

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