10 clever ways to make your small kitchen look spacious!

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10 clever ways to make your small kitchen look spacious!

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Adapted from an article by Ruqaiya Hussain for homify IN.

We bet that you all might have always thought about your dream kitchen and none of the times it would have ever included the word tiny or compact. 

Yes, its true; however many of us have to live with this harsh reality: small counter spaces, cramped work triangle, precious little space for different appliances and more. In case you are not ready or unwilling to expand your kitchen walls than you can at least do these two things – create an impression of bigger space or stick to some strategic and smart decor tricks. Here is a list of 10 hacks that can do wonders to your kitchen and project it to look spacious and organized. Have a look!

Get rid of solid cabinets

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While they are sturdy and last longer, solid cabinets look cluttered in smaller spaces. Glass cabinets, on the other hand, allow the eyes to travel beyond the doors, to the walls, making the space look bigger. 

Keep it simple and don't fill up the space with bric-a-brac! In a small kitchen, less really is more…

Go monochrome

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Limiting the wall paint colors and cabinetry to single hue helps to delete the visual boundaries that often stop the eye. The conventional school of thought says that pale colors tend to reflect light and project the area bigger than it is. 

Adopt a safer approach and create an impression that your walls are farther than they actually are.

Choose furnishing with smaller footprints

Look at this compact yet spacious kitchen model. 

Always opt for furnishing that have smaller footprints like slim chairs, petite benches, and small tables that don't take up the floor space of your kitchen and leave ample room for free movement.

Tuck things within the walls

 в . Автор – Ashpra interiors, Азиатский Фанера

Another great sample that showcases one of the easiest ways to save on space. 

Tuck your shelves, cabinets and pantry within walls to keep away such things from obstructing the flow of your kitchen. They also help to keep the utensils, boxes and crockery in place.

Clean lines are always a winner!

 в современный. Автор – Impetus kitchens, Модерн

While big and fussy detailed corbels and ornate cabinets look artistic and hold more stuff, the truth is that they actually make your kitchen feel more divided and disconnected. 

It's better to keep things minimal, elements tailored and create a more spacious feel, like the one above.

Use modular elements

 в . Автор – homify, Азиатский

Incorporate as much modular furnishing as you can. They are compact yet capable of holding almost anything you want to chuck in them! 

For instance, this cabinet not only helps to place your plates, crockery etc in an organised way but also makes it easier to pull them out when needed.

Opt for open cabins

 в . Автор – Hacker Kitchen, Минимализм

Open shelves offer a reduced visual weight paving way to view the walls and thus, lending an illusion of more expansive space than it actually is. Moreover, they look super-stylish, too!

Clear the clutter

 в современный. Автор – Hacker Kitchen, Модерн

There is no need to crowd your shelves and counter top with regular clutter. It will only make it look like as if the space is bursting at the seams. 

Better to focus on the necessities and stand out items and hide the rest on their place. Look at the example above. Doesn't it looks organized and neat?

Merge into Open Space

 в современный. Автор – NBA CORPORATION, Модерн

Another impressive trick to make your kitchen look spacious – merge the kitchen area with an open space, which will look like an extension to the cooking area. 

This arrangement shows how a small kitchen area is being expanded and merged with an open hall without even getting noticed.

Keep the Ceiling High

Directing the eyes upwards helps in this regards. Choose patterns, designs or cabinets that drive the eyes towards ceilings or prompts the onlookers to gaze upwards. 

This lends an impression of greater heights and bigger space. These cabinets are an excellent example of the same – what amazing kitchen planning!

Light it up

Flood your kitchen area with lots of lights and if possible, keep the windows open to make the best use of sunlight. Whether you have dark interiors or pale tones, light beams helps to make it seem as large as possible without any additional effort. 

Did you like these tips? Then you'll love these totally unique kitchens that will inspire you to cook!


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