Bleak to chic: a dreary apartment dazzles in white

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South Korea is home to a teeming urban population who are increasingly enamoured with minimalistic and stylish homes. So, naturally, old and drab apartments are undergoing makeovers to usher in contemporary designs and decor accents which are simple, fuss-free and soothing to the eye. And today, we will witness the transformation of a home which was originally a cluttered and uninspiring abode in Busan. But guided by the vision and imagination of the interior designers and decorators at Roha Design, this residence is now an elegant space in which to live. Different shades of grey and white rule the interiors along with sleek design elements, clever organisation hacks and an austere neatness which is immensely fashionable at the moment.

Before: shabby and unexciting living area

The living space was dull, cluttered and simply housed too many elements that were visually unappealing. The wooden accents and floor didn’t enhance the aesthetics of the space in any way, and the lighting was just disappointing. But the space along with the adjoining balcony had immense potential.

After: white and grey delights

Pristine white and a sharp shade of grey have now come together in the living space to create an impact which is unforgettable. Bright recessed lights have taken the style quotient up a notch, while the white and glass doors leading to the balcony now look more modish. Fitted with minimal furniture and free of clutter, the living area now looks very spacious, airy and bright. The patterned and bold red cushions add a hint of fun in this sophisticated room.

After: stylish openness beckons

Interesting tones of white and grey follow us as we explore the open layout of the home. On the right lies the spacious open kitchen, and more private quarters are to the left. Though the walls and corners are unadorned, the colour play lends visual depth to the space easily.

Before: messy, drab kitchen

With clutter reigning supreme, the kitchen offered anything but the joy of cooking. The ageing yellow cabinets, dull flooring and the crowd of appliances made the space an eyesore.

After: fresh, white and magic!

Rendered in simple white and grey hues, the spacious and sparkling clean kitchen is now a visual delight and paradise for the chef. Neat rows of cabinets and slim wall-mounted shelves have been introduced to deal with clutter, and the countertop is amazingly clean. Bright task lighting and a stylish trio of white pendant lamps brighten up the area with élan.

Before: bedroom nightmare

Instead of assuring a good night’s sleep, the bedroom threatened with its old gloomy furnishing and dark, nightmarish closet. It was impossible to make sure whether there was a monster lurking inside it or not!

After: keeping it clean and simple

The old wooden bureau which was taking up a lot of space previously has been thankfully done away with. The closet comes with a stylish sliding door now, to keep unavoidable clutter out of sight. And the splash of bright white has turned the dark and scary bedroom into a serene and happy place.

After: simple yet chic

A simple but comfy wooden bed occupies the centre stage of the bedroom now. The dresser is a sleek and shiny affair with sensible drawers and miniature potted plants adding a refreshing touch. The large window sports modern blinds and lets you enjoy the stunning view outdoors while reading a book in bed, or getting ready for the day.

After: patterned tiles in the bathroom

Elegant white-and-grey patterned tiles line the floor, tub and the wall behind the tub in this compact but smart bathroom. Sleek white tiles and ultramodern fittings take care of the overall look too. Powerful ceiling lights, a minimalistic rack, and a quirky round mirror enhance the utility value of this space amazingly well.

This makeover project makes a few things crystal clear – it shows how a simple but chic colour palette, absence of unnecessary items, sleek furnishing, openness and clever ideas can take a property from drab to fab! Take a look at another transformation story if you want more ideas: Before and after: a dull apartment gets a playful upgrade.

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