9 ingenious ways to create storage with your stairs

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9 ingenious ways to create storage with your stairs

April Kennedy April Kennedy
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If you're searching for more storage space in your small home, a staircase may just be the answer. That awkward space under stairs is often left unused and the entrance, hallway and stairs are the perfect place to hide away all sorts of unusually-shaped objects and clutter.

But staircase storage doesn't necessarily have to mean boring old bookshelves. Today we are going to explore all sorts of weird and wonderful staircase storage solutions! Some are temporary and perfectly suited to the renter, while others are definitely a little more upscale. So come with us to explore 9 ways to create storage with your staircase…  

1. A perfectly realised staircase with storage

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Staircase storage doesn't necessarily need to be completely open. Consider covering up some shelving panels and leaving others exposed. You might even look at integrating a series of floating beams for a support wall like this.

2. A staircase in two parts

This unusual staircase comes in two parts. The lower portion has a good sturdy closed storage unit, while the open design of the risers on the upper level offer a cool space for books.

3. White melamine options

White melamine is just one of those materials that can easily blend into most modern white interiors. It is cheap, easy to clean and doesn't need to be painted to look finished. It might be a good choice for a small staircase in a one-room apartment like this.

4. Free-standing staircase over a storage platform

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If you have limited floor space, it might be a good idea to build your staircase over a wide and sturdy platform like this. It's the perfect place for some deep shelves and helps keep that space under the stairs airy and open.

5. Staircase, storage and study in one

This custom-made design shows just how innovative you can be with a staircase design. This unit manages to contain a desk space as well as storage. Note how the risers have been left open to create little storage shelves. We also love how the stairs on the upper level have been extended to create even more storage space.

6. Mirrored storage cabinets

It's easy to fall in love with the very pragmatic element in staircase storage. But let's not forget how beautiful they can be. The smoky glass walls of this staircase storage unit add a sexy, mysterious atmosphere to this bedroom.

7. DIY staircase storage

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The base of a simple bedroom platform is a great source of space. It is also a good project for keen DIY enthusiasts. The staircase doesn't necessarily need to be large or complicated – all you need is a few little steps. Just look at this simple solution by architects Aidaho.

8. A sophisticated staircase

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he.d group


he.d group

Open bookcases can look a little visually messy at times. But in this sophisticated staircase, the various elements have been very carefully balanced to avoid this problem. The bookcase is composed of a simple black material and the thick wood of the steps really dominates the design.

9. Reading nook and shelves in one

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If the stairs are wide enough, you'll have lots of space for a staircase design like this. The space beneath this staircase has a platform base and a bookshelf against the wall. This forms a cute little reading nook that's perfect for children and adults alike!

For more space-efficient ideas, have a look at 9 sliding doors for a space-efficient small home.


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