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Concealed Wiki update

Sophie Urrutia Sophie Urrutia
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We have up to date the concealed wiki with new v3 .onion inbound links.

Since the outdated form of inbound links will no more time be supported by the Tor task before long.

Not all .onion sites have modified their URL to the new edition

but, so we will go on to include them as soon as they do alter their area.

Why will the previous inbound links no for a longer time be supported?


Tor venture will fall aid for the outdated quick concealed provider

domain names due to the fact the cryptographic energy of those old

domains is no lengthier good ample, with super desktops virtually

currently being able to regenerate .onion domains of other folks.


this rationale it was time to alter to for a longer period keys and

more time domain names, which will be protected for the next 50 or a

hundred yrs.

What do i have to do?

To look through to new .onion back links, all you have to do is use a person of the latest variations of the Tor browser.

If you did not update your Tor browser for a pretty long time, then it is now maybe a good time to make an update.

Usually there is very little you will have to do.

The Concealed Wiki

We at the hidden wiki

will carry on to provide functioning .onion links, even following the

transform to the new model of domain names by the Tor challenge.

And we will consider to provide only the most legit internet site backlinks, which have a good status in the group.


because other concealed wiki web sites at times lack this variety of

treatment when it comes to supplying those links. So generally becareful

when trusting other websites listing .onion one-way links, they could

be phony.

We hope to supply a little something that has price to

persons looking to search the dark world wide web. If you require much

more hyperlinks you can test one particular of the other link lists we

checklist on top rated of the concealed wiki.