Top 5 of the Week: Clever tiny homes, headboards, braais and a Johannesburg house

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What a week! With so many awesome projects and stories features over the last seven days, it was a really close call when it came to which were the most popular. As is usually the case, small smart homes came in up the top and this is largely because they transcend the whole readership. What's not to like about them? Whether you're looking for inspiration or simply to see some clever decor skills, there's a bit of charm that everyone can extract from it. Braais and Johannesburg homes also came in up the top because we love a bit of local flavour – in terms of food and architecture!.

Whether you're taking a look at these ideabooks for the first time or revisiting them, enjoy, and get ready for another week of tips, tricks and beautiful homes on homify!

1. 13 Amazing tiny homes that feel huge

Интерьер IL INT2architecture Детская комнатa в стиле минимализм

Интерьер IL


What's not to love about small apartments and tiny homes? Palatial mansions and stunning, large structures have an innate sense of charm and wonder that simply cannot be denied, but there is something equally enchanting about cosy little spaces. In particular, those designed with clever use of space and smart ideas for practicality draw a special kind of attention. In this list of 13 amazing, tiny homes that feel huge, we highlight some of the best uses of small spaces that we have on homify, and discover that there are plenty of solutions for people living in studio apartments or places low on the square metres. Have a look and see if there's anything that takes your fancy.

2. ​13 Grills Perfect For Braai Day

Барбекю "Трио" Barbecue Сад Грильницы

Барбекю Трио


A braai is more than just an item you keep in the back yard, or on the balcony or terrace – it's a completely special way of preparing a meal, it's an occasion, and it's part of the South African way of life. This list of 13 grills perfect for braai day takes a look at a range of different styles and options for your braai, to ensure that you're able to find the best possible fit for your space and for the style of cooking that you're looking to do. There's no one way to get the perfect braai, it's all about balancing to find the perfect end product. For example, you mightn't necessarily just want something that suits the odd Sunday when you have the whole family and all your friends over – you might want something that can work for you in your daily life.

3.10 Fabulous Headboards for Bedrooms!

Planning and designing your bedroom is important, it's the part of your home you spend most of your life in. Yes, granted, you're asleep for most of that time – but the point stands. The space needs to be cosy, relaxing and stylish if you're going to enjoy your time there and get the best possible sleep. When planning your bedroom, the first things that probably come to mind are picking the colour for the wall paint, picking the bed and choosing the bed spread. What people often forget is that choosing the headboard is pivotal for a few reasons. Firstly, you want it to look nice, secondly you want it to be comfortable to lean against and thirdly it needs to fit the theme of the room. Our list of 10 fabulous headboards for bedrooms shows a range of differnet options to inspire you. 

4. The Modern Johannesburg Home

At least one beautiful, large home usually makes our top five list, but it's always particularly exciting when that home is in South Africa. This stunning piece of architecture is a wonderful example of the quality of design that can be found in our country. Designed by Meulen Architects, it represents that the designers have a wonderful understanding of South African style, tastes and climate. The interior is equally as stunning as the exterior, and the living room has a particularly grand sense of charm from the high ceilings and extensive use of glass. If you haven't already looked at this Johannesburg home, we suggest you do now. 

5. The Unique Cottage Home

Who doesn't drive past a cottage, or see an image of one nestled cosily on the seaside, and wish they could call it home. Much like the clever and innovative small city homes and apartments that topped the list this week, cosy cottages have a unique sense of charm. Designed by the Berlin-based K- MÄLEON Haus architects, this unique cottage home is the result of joining two houses together, with the goal of making the most of both. One was prefab and one was more permanent. This fusion shows that the two styles have equal but different merit, and can actually come together in an very interesting and appealing way.

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