Magic Wand: A Bathroom Transformed

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Magic Wand: A Bathroom Transformed

Leigh Leigh
 в {:asian=>"азиатка", :classic=>"классический", :colonial=>"колониальный", :country=>"стиле кантри", :eclectic=>"эклектический", :industrial=>"промышленные", :mediterranean=>"средиземноморском стиле", :minimalist=>"минималист", :modern=>"современный", :rustic=>"простоватый", :scandinavian=>"скандинавский", :tropical=>"тропический"}. Автор – Agnès Dandine - Chichichic,
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They are so often neglected, but bathrooms are often the one space that deserve most of our attention and special care.

This is because we often spend hours of our day in this space, bathing, showering, titivating and grooming. They are a very functional space, but they also deserve a lot of attention in terms of decor and design.

Today we are going to show you that it is possible to combine the practical elements of a bathroom with the aesthetically pleasing elements of great interior design.

Agnes Dandine from Chichichic, our expert in interior design, has understood exactly how to marry these two concepts.

In the following ideabook, we are going to see the complete renovation of a simple toilet cubicle, which transforms into a full-on stylish bathroom and truly witness the extent of this designer's talent.

Let's go and see!


In this image, we can see how lonely the toilet cubicle is, where just one little roll of toilet paper decorates the room. 

The toilet is lost in the middle of this gloomy space, which is depressing just to look at.

This distress call was heard by the Chichichic team… let's see what they did!

The magic wand!


Yes, it's hard to believe that this is the same bathroom – what a radical change! The contrast between this photo and the previous photo is striking.

Instead of a small, single space, we now discover two spaces.

A custom-made glass shower door creates a boundary between the shower area and the toilet facilities, however its transparency means that it doesn't restrict the size or spaciousness of the room.

The toilet was moved to the right corner of the room to allow space for this shower.

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The star

If we push open the door a few centimetres, we can admire this beautiful Italian shower. 

A large shower head allows for water to fall down like tropical rain at full blast!

The entire design works in perfect harmony with the glass wall. The mix of materials between wood, glass and metal give a feeling of comfort, peace and tranquility in the bathroom – very modern and chic!

Zoom in

To customise this space, the designers chose to decorate some of the walls, as well as the floors, with a black marble mosaic. This adds volume and a sense of space to the little bathroom, while the transparent shelves create a feeling of lightness. The towels seem to float in the air!

The African mask, which belongs to the client, customises and adds personality to the space, integrating perfectly.

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Apart from the shower

The rest of the bathroom consists of a basin and a cupboard, made with black stone. There is also a mirror and a towel rack, which add function and design to the room. Once again, these elements are all perfectly co-ordinated!

The contrast between the upper wall, which is white, and the lower wall, which is finished in the black mosaic, is simply stunning.

This space is now a real bathroom that is functional as well as aesthetically pleasing!


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