10 ways tiles can transform your home

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Great tiles add more than just colour to the home, they can also introduce new textures, provide waterproofing and create the potential for patterns and lines of infinite variety. Quite simply, tiles add an extra layer of gloss, comfort and sophistication to any decor.

But people are often wary of using tiles. Tiling a wall can get pricey and of course – styles change. So an adventurous pattern might seem all too permanent over time. It could even have a serious effect on the resale value of your home. But with some careful research and consideration, there's no reason to miss out on the subtle transformative power of tiles! Not yet convinced? Come with us to explore 11 ways tiles can transform the home…

1. Infuse the home with a little natural ambience

The glossy enamel on tiles can be used to great effect when it comes to flooring. The enamel will reflect light from the outside window and bounce it around the room. See how effectively it works in this dining room. Also, note how the sea green tiles highlight the natural greenery from the courtyard beyond.

2. Give a modern apartment an industrial look

Central Grey Cement Effect Porcelain Tiles The London Tile Co. Стены и полПлитка Фарфор Серый
The London Tile Co.

Central Grey Cement Effect Porcelain Tiles

The London Tile Co.

This modern apartment has a totally industrial feel thanks to the textured tile walls. People often seek this look with wall decals or murals, but it's much easier to create an authentic feel with textured tiles like this. They have depth and resemble the brickwork of an old industrial-style home.

3. Add subtle interest to minimalist decor

Jamestown White & Brown The London Tile Co. Стены и полПлитка
The London Tile Co.

Jamestown White & Brown

The London Tile Co.

If you love minimalist decors, monochrome tiles with very subtle variations can look stunning. They add interest to the decor without really adding any visual clutter at all. In a vast space, the slightest and most subtle variation really builds up to create a powerful effect.

4. Add character to a new home

Battersea Stafford Charcoal Brick Effect Tile The London Tile Co. Стены и полПлитка
The London Tile Co.

Battersea Stafford Charcoal Brick Effect Tile

The London Tile Co.

The natural variations in many tile designs can add a softness to a new interior. This creates a sense of character that's not always so easy to achieve with new furnishings. If you are concerned about overdoing it, consider installing a single tiled feature wall like this. Don't forget that the tiles will be more forgiving of bumps and scratches, so this might be a good option for a storage or entrance area as well.

5. Add pops of colour

If you are brave enough to add a real splash of colour to the home, carefully consider the impact of small bursts of brightness. See how the intense density of colour and patterns in this lovely bedroom are counterbalanced by the large expanses of white used in the rest of the room.

6. Bring scale and balance to a room

It is generally said that a small bathroom will seem larger with big tiles. In a similar sense, small white tiles can work beautifully in larger spaces. Just look at this lovely large bathroom for instance. The small tiles act as a counterbalance to the rather large items of bathroom furniture.

7. Define and refine the decorating theme

Tiles are most commonly used to define and refine the decorating theme in a home. This can be a good way to incorporate cultural patterns, colours or a sense of tradition into a home. With a sparse and delicate approach, most ethnic designs could work perfectly well within an otherwise modern home.

8. Add a warm, homely richness to the decor

Random Tile Collection Work House Collection Стены и полПлитка
Work House Collection

Random Tile Collection

Work House Collection

Cosy homes are usually replete in layered patterns and textures. These are elements present in a huge variety of traditional tiles. The soft texture and rich complexity of such a pattern will add an instant sense of warmth to the home. 

9. Add life and movement

Bathrooms and toilets are the most commonly tiled areas in the home. These rooms are often quite small as well. Rather than opting for a standard white tile, consider something that will add life and movement to the room. This will make even the smallest bathroom feel lively and a little more spacious.

10. Dividing open-plan layouts

Tiles are a great way of separating the kitchen from the living room in an open-plan layout. For this to really work well, it's best to choose a tile pattern with some flecks or highlights that reflect the colour of the rest of the floor.

If you are interested in adding style and texture to your decor, this project is sure to inspire: An open and light family apartment.

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