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Fluorescent kitchen lights

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A Fluorescent kitchen light can look sleek, modern and chic. Fluorescent lights come in a variety of shapes and styles and can totally create the mood in any kitchen, which are typically space savers and are not too over powering. A fluorescent kitchen light can be both functional, full of design and helps to bring about a touch of style and versatility.

Understated Tradition

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The fluorescent kitchen light in this mahagony style kitchen really brings out the rich colours of the room. The kitchen itself features dark colours- a beautiful rich, dark wood colour for the cabinets and a dark countertop. The kitchen feels traditional without being boring. The fluorescent kitchen lighting  is placed under the top cabinet, illuminating the countertop below. These lights serve as a spotlight, further enhancing the gorgeous dark colours of the kitchen while making sure the kitchen doesn't feel too dark. This is a great, understated look for a traditional kitchen.

Modern design

For a chic, modern look, try this single fluorescent kitchen light. The style of it is quite modern as it is one slim, long rectangle shape. The designer chose to place the light strategically over the main part of this kitchen, high lighting the kitchen bar and cooking areas. The fluorescent kitchen light goes with the theme of the kitchen; cool, sleek and modern fashion. The light reflects off the cool grey colours of the kitchen, illuminating the space even more. 

Tiny and bright

How about a pop of style and light for a fun kitchen? This fluorescent kitchen light is the perfect small touch of function, style and personality. The light is super tiny, a small rectangle against a brick wall. The light looks great against the brick wall, in fact, the wall makes the light pop more and the light makes the wall stand out more as well. The light is fixated right above the sink, a perfect extra light for doing dishes. The style of the kitchen is pretty unique and eclectic. This fluorescent kitchen light aids in this one of a kind look.

Spotlight shine

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Проект 2х комнатной квартиры

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Looking for a hip, updated lighting option for a kitchen? There's no need to look any further. These fluorescent kitchen lights serve as the main source of light for this kitchen and are both functional and add to the character of the bathroom. The round fluorescent lights are fixated in the ceiling and are placed in a linear fashion along the length of the kitchen. The lights highlight the kitchen appliances, crisp and bright. These fluorescent kitchen lights make the room feel and look more open, and contribute to the overall contemporary look.

Ray of light

This fluorescent kitchen light is a quick, futuristic ray of light in this minimalist kitchen. The light is placed under the kitchen cabinet, and so it looks like it is a light beam shinning from the cabinets. The fluorescent light illuminates the countertop area. It is also a really unexpected touch of individuality and style. It adds a bit of fun to this bathroom. This fluorescent light also keeps in line with the theme of the kitchen; sleek, chic, and minimalist It becomes the perfect ray of light.

Sleek in design

These fluorescent kitchen lights are a perfect fit for this ultra modern and sleek kitchen. There are many lights throughout the ceiling of the kitchen, working together to make this kitchen look and feel super bright. The lights are small squares in the ceiling and are displayed in a linear fashion. The small shape of the fluorescent lights lends itself to sleek and modern design. The lights are small and are not overpowering. They feel minimalist and very updated.They compliment this kitchen well, which is a kitchen sleek in design.


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NEAR Architecture, San Paolo, Rome

Paolo Fusco Photo

This kitchen, while small in size packs a huge design impact, it is perfect inspiration for those working with a small space but still desire high fashion. The flourescent kitchen lights here are in the ceiling of a small section of the kitchen. This part of the kitchen ceiling drops a bit, so becomes an easy focal point of the room. There are five small, round lights in the ceiling, placed in a decorative fashion that looks a bit like a dominoe. These lights make this kitchen look super bright. They also add a fun and modern touch to the space.

Sun beam

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This fluorescent kitchen light looks like a sun beam peeking through the ceiling. The light is bright and bold, not only lighting up the area but as it peeks through the ceiling it looks like a cool asscesory piece itself. The light is large, peeking through a substantial part of the dropped ceiling. In this neutral, fresh, minimalist kitchen, this sun beam style floured to kitchen light is a win for function, style, and wow factor.

Sunken in

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For a really unique and eye catching look, try adding fluorescent kitchen lights to a sunken ceiling. This becomes such an eye catching, awesome focal point of the entire room. The lights are in the seating area of the open kitchen. There is a large section of the ceiling that is sunken in, and the fluorescent lights border this. The lights then illuminate the entire space. The eyes are drawn upward to this cool lighting pattern, which makes the room seem bigger and brighter. Overall these fluorescent kitchen  lights are a big win for top notch design.

The Highlighters

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The flourescent kitchen lights here are placed under the awesome and open kitchen shelves. They are used to illuminate the kitchen countertop. The countertop is long, traveling down the length of the wall. The lights continue down the entire length of the countertops. The kitchen finishes are beautiful; subway tiles and granite countertops. The flourescent kitchen lights illuminate this to create a breathtaking, much desired kitchen.

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