A house with a taste of Punjab!

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A house with a taste of Punjab!

 в . Автор – M4design, Азиатский
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A state in the northern part of the country, Punjab is known for lively people and awesome food. Along with these specialties, Punjab has a very exclusive choice and options for the very energetic interiors of the house. The love of bright and happy colors makes this very fun loving state a style in itself. What makes it a fashion is the choice of colors that bring warmth and love together inside and brighten the rooms of the house. This kind of décor is very enigmatic and comfortable along with being an absolutely classy and elegant design.

Illuminating lights

ВИЛЛА В ПОДМОСКОВЬЕ В СОВРЕМЕННОМ СТИЛЕ, 300 КВ.М.:  в современный. Автор – Студия дизайна интерьера Елены Крыловой, Модерн
Студия дизайна интерьера Елены Крыловой


Студия дизайна интерьера Елены Крыловой

Needless to say, lights bring happiness to the house. They brighten up the rooms and what can be more brightening for the most charming Punjabi style of décor than these illuminating lights? The ceiling lit up with the pretty chandeliers and the room made to look bright with the different variety of lamps and lights complete the look of the room in a jiffy. From decorative candles to the very traditional lantern designs, all add to the beautiful Punjabi décor.

Colorful cushions

 в . Автор – TUNI Interiors Pvt. Ltd. , Азиатский

Different colors mark the very vibrant Punjabi culture. The bright nature of the colors brings forward the brightness and warmth of the Punjabis. The colorful cushions on the sofas, diwans, beds and chairs of the house look very elegant and extremely traditional. The beautiful colors light up the house and the mood instantly. Click here for the extremely pretty colors and ideas of cushions and home textiles by designer Tuni Interiors Pvt. Ltd.

Bright rugs

 в . Автор – Green Decore, Азиатский Шелк Желтый
Green Decore


Green Decore

The beautiful rugs are a very old and elegant design used since ages in the country. The rugs and carpets bring the enchanting bright light to the room and add to the décor. The Punjabis being a very warm sect of people in the country use carpets for decoration as well as for floor sitting. The use of rugs and carpets keeps the floor warm, non-slippery, arty and elegant in its own style. Use these very colorful and chic looking rugs and carpets to give a Punjabi touch to the house.

Antique art pieces

 в . Автор – M4design, Азиатский

The use of very enchanting antique art pieces in the rooms for décor is another specialty of the Punjabi style of décor. The exotic art pieces look very prominent when kept in the room. They don't just enhance the complete look of the room, but also make a very unique art choice to mark the elegant Punjabi taste. The use of metal based art pieces like this vase, make a very pretty Punjabi décor look so much more exclusive. Designers M4-design offer pretty art pieces for the home décor click here: 

Garden and plants

The very down to earth and extremely rooted to their origin, the Punjabis have a flair for nature. The beautiful gardens of the houses don't just look marvelous, but also bring a Punjabi feel to the house. The nature friendly style of décor, the Punjabi style has beautiful planters around the house and if space allows, then the lush green plants and trees as well. The freshness and energy that the natural greens bring is immense and relaxes the senses. Click here for some very exotic garden ideas.

Lavish bedroom setting

 в . Автор – OREL YATAK, Азиатский

The exotic bedrooms and the pretty décor make the Punjabi style more exotic and elegant. Having the best is of course the Punjabi style. The Punjabis settle for nothing but the best and so goes for their homes.  The lavish and charming bedroom ideas for the Punjabi style décor complete the look of the house. The very elegant headboards of the beds look exotic and the bright colored bed sheets add to the look. The pretty lamps on the bedside and illuminating lights on the ceiling enhance the look of the room many folds. The colors of the wall and the floors remain light so as to make the room look extremely spacious and absolutely tidy. The extremely lavish lifestyle and the warm heart of the Punjabi people makes this state and its style just as celebrated in the country. 

A very energetic and enthusiastic lot of people, the Punjabi household will always be bustling with the love and energy of the people within. With immense care and grandeur this Punjabi home décor is for those who love to live life king size just like the brave heart Punjabi’s do.


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