Before and After: The Communal Apartment

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Before and After: The Communal Apartment

Leigh Leigh
Столовая комната в стиле модерн от OAK 2000 Модерн
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Welcome to Barcelona! Or more accurately, Barceloneta, a little fishing village located next to the sea. 

In this corner of the city, we at homify are going to show you a completely refurbished flat both from a structural point of view as well as a re-styling point of view. 

This entire renovation is possible thanks to the impeccable work of OAK 2000, where the team have redistributed the space available to them, taking advantage of every aspect to restore glory and splendour to this beautiful home.

Let us go and see the before and after as this apartment transforms before our eyes!

Before: Dull and Old-Fashioned

Гостиная в стиле модерн от OAK 2000 Модерн

We are sure that very few people would want to live in a home where half of the walls are covered in wood – very old-fashioned!

What's more is that the dark wooden frame of the door does nothing to improve the aesthetics of this home. The old-fashioned flooring makes us feel like the last renovation or maintenance was done a long time ago.

Let's see how this home totally transforms!

New life!

Столовая комната в стиле модерн от OAK 2000 Модерн

We can see immediately how the entire home has gained brightness and space. 

The partition walls the previously darkened the rooms have been knocked down to create a unique and open plan space where the kitchen, dining room and living room co-exist.

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There is also a lot of natural light, which plays an important role. Not only does it open up the entire space, but it also makes it seem that much bigger. This is a great tip, especially for small rooms.

Bright & Fresh

Гостиная в стиле модерн от OAK 2000 Модерн

During the restyling of the apartment, there were certain elements that were retained, giving a retro touch to the apartment. This is a style that has become popular again in recent years!

The main element that we are referring to is the floral patterned floor, which gives a little bit of personality to the house. 

Everything else in the space is white, which is why the patterned floor works so perfectly in this space – even the wooden ceiling beams have been painted white. This merge between modern and old-school gives a homely air and rustic look and feel to this living space.

Minimalist Kitchen

Кухня в стиле модерн от OAK 2000 Модерн

The minimalist design and focus on functionality makes for a very useful kitchen, with everything completely organised and in the right place.

While the home is small, each area is the perfect size for the relevant activities. The kitchen is perfectly designed in a linear style, allowing for plenty of room for cooking. 

Don't you love how crisp and and clean the white design of the kitchen looks? 

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The Bathroom

Ванная комната в стиле модерн от OAK 2000 Модерн

Back in the old days it was customary to dedicate very little space or attention to the bathroom. However, these days, in a modern home, the bathroom forms a very important part of the home! It should be spacious, beautiful and peaceful.

The bathroom in this home is small, but it does not lack comfort or elegance. The chic modern design is evident in the form of the transparent and spacious shower as well as the modern toilet and basin. Don't you love the rounded design?

The designers have gone for a neutral palette, creating a soft and gentle interior.


Спальня в стиле модерн от OAK 2000 Модерн

This room is one of our favourites, consisting of a single colour for the walls, bed and linen. The tones are reminiscent of the tones used throughout the rest of the home.

Even though this room is small, it is the most ideal cocoon and a wonderful haven to come home after a long day of work and relax in!

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