From Drab to Delightful - A Remarkable Renovation

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From Drab to Delightful – A Remarkable Renovation

Megan Harris Megan Harris
Столовая комната в стиле модерн от OAK 2000 Модерн
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Today we will be exploring an incredible apartment renovation, carried out by the team at OAK 2000. Located in Barcelona, the once dated and dilapidated home has been given a remarkable transformation! 

So drastic is the result, one will hardly believe it is the same home. Ceilings have been stripped back, appropriating extra height and revealing the structure; the flooring has been replaced with the most charming of tiles; and a crisp, white lick of paint brings with it a delightful freshness. 

Now let's step inside, and you can see it for yourself!


Гостиная в стиле модерн от OAK 2000 Модерн

This house wasn't always quaint charm. The 'before' shot offers an image of the homes original character, nicotine yellow walls, dated wooden panelling and a dirty floor – yuck! But enough of the drab and lacklustre, let's take a look at the transformation…


Гостиная в стиле модерн от OAK 2000 Модерн

Here, we have the 'after' shot – the open living, dining and kitchen space forms a wonderful social heart in the small, but beautiful, apartment. Opening onto the wrought iron balcony, a mere stones throw away from the neighboring building, it is charming Spanish living at its finest!

A minimal kitchen

Кухня в стиле модерн от OAK 2000 Модерн

The kitchen is achingly minimal, but not in a homogeneous or charmless way; there is a finesse in the attention to detail that delights at every turn. From the bulb suspended by a red-coated electrical wire, to the subtle hues of the tiled floor – the design does not shy away from a splash of colour, texture or the unexpected. 

The white kitchen units are, however, perfectly rationalised; contrasting the irregularity of the exposed ceiling structure and service pipes. For more kitchen ideas – some minimal, some uber-kitsch, and everything in-between – take a look here!

Tiles, tiles everywhere…

Столовая комната в стиле модерн от OAK 2000 Модерн

The tiles aren't restrained to the kitchen, they emerge in an unexpected and irregular fashion, forming wonderful insets in the raw concrete floor. This quiet rebellion shows off the innovation and daring of both the architects and the inhabitants.

The bedroom

Спальня в стиле модерн от OAK 2000 Модерн

Our final port of call on today's dérive is the bedroom. Simple, understated, and calming – what more do you need in a space of repose? If the all-white aesthetic isn't quite what you're after, you may like to take a look through some more bedroom examples, here.

If you're not quite ready to end your saunter through spaces of the home just quite yet, you may like to take a look at Small in Size, Not in Style!


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