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Outdoor living spaces

Sheila Byers Sheila Byers
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When the weather is nice, there is no question that we would prefer to spend all of our time outside. There is something so luxurious about outdoor living. Any activity, whether it is eating, reading the paper, or simply sitting down and relaxing, suddenly becomes much more enjoyable when it's taking place outside. Of course, in order to truly take advantage of the benefits of the outdoor world at your home, you need to have a living space set up in the open air. Today on homify, we look at some sunny and inspiring examples of outdoor living spaces designed by our own Indian experts!

All decked out

One popular way to gain outdoor living space is through the use of a deck. Here, for the Ghose House, Gaurav Roy Choudhury Architects have included a deck that expands the internal living space into the outside world. The wooden beams of the deck and its wooden furniture match well with the warm colours of the home's facade, to create a uniform, inclusive feeling. The glass folding doors are also an important part of the design: they ensure that the boundary between in and out remains fluid and transparent, so that the deck, although it is under the sky and exposed to the elements, feels like just as much a part of the home as the indoor living room.

A modern terrace

Tерраса в . Автор – SHROFFLEóN

Often, when we picture an outdoor living space, we think of an area dominated by plants and constructed with wood and other natural materials. This terrace, designed by Mumbai-based architects SHROFFLEóN, shows that this does not always have to be the case. The outdoor space pictured, is notable for its sleek, modern look. The angular, white furniture and railing bring an almost minimalist look to the space. Perhaps most memorable about the living area are the rectangular lights, set into the ground in a mosaic arrangement that references both traditional tiled terraces and modern lighting design. They bring a festive vibe to the space, making it perfect for outdoor entertaining. 


 в . Автор – CLASS APART (furniture.interiordesign)
CLASS APART (furniture.interiordesign)


CLASS APART (furniture.interiordesign)

One of the most luxurious outdoor living spaces is the poolside sitting area. This impressive space, designed by Class Apart interior designers and decorators, uses an Asian influence combined with rich, warm colours to create as space that is beautiful and relaxing.  The abundance of comfy furniture, from the covered couch at the end of the pool, to the hanging, nest-like seat on the side, is calling out for you to come and relax with a cool drink and a magazine. With an outdoor area this inviting, you are sure to want to spend all you time here!

A large yard

 в . Автор – Rd's design center

Another classic outdoor living space, the large, open yard is a perfect choice for those with small children who need room to run around and play outdoors. In addition to the kid-friendly lawn, this space by RD's Design Center includes a number of more adult friendly features, like the beautiful stone terrace – a perfect place to add some outdoor furniture, and the interesting wall design, which brings a contemporary, fashionable touch to the yard. 

Open air dining

 в . Автор – Hiren Patel Architects
Hiren Patel Architects

The Courtyard House

Hiren Patel Architects

One of the best reasons to set up an outdoor living space is to give yourself the option to dine in the open air. This home, by Hiren Patel Architects, features a lovely outdoor dining area. As in most successful outdoor spaces, the yard of this home has been carefully designed to reflect and complement the facade of the house and the existing interior décor. The star of the space is clearly this unique, elegant table, cut from what appears to be large, solid pieces of wood. A perfect place for tea under the sunny sky!

Bringing the outside in

Коридор и прихожая в . Автор – LIJO.RENY.architects

The Selfless House


Here we have an example of a home that redefines the idea of an outdoor living space. The award winning studio LIJO.RENY.architects, has succeeded in designing a home that artfully integrates nature and structure, creating a house where the outside is inside. Here, in the middle of the floor, we find a garden, which is exposed to natural light through the skylight window above. The effect is of an indoor courtyard, a place where you can experience the natural benefits of outdoor living, while still standing inside your own home.


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