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DIY tiles: 13 easy ways to improve your home

Leigh Leigh
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DIY is not easy, but with some smart ideas and the right materials you can become a successful home improvement newbie in no time!

The interior of your home should ooze sophistication, class and style. Every single room should look sleek and trendy. What better way to achieve this than by tiling your walls? 

Tiling not only adds colour and texture to your home, but it's easy to clean, looks neat and is also fairly reasonably priced. It's also easy to install. 

Today at homify we are going to explore 13 gorgeous tiled walls, which are sure to motivate you to head to your nearest tiling store today!

1. Kitchen Classic

Кухня в рустикальном стиле от homify Рустикальный Керамика

Your kitchen is one room in the house that can really benefit from tiles. Think about how messy a kitchen can get! With hot pots boiling, you can end up with steam sticking to all of the walls. There are also sauces that spill, kids with grubby hands and liquids that may end up splashed on the walls. Tiles can be easily wiped down and made sparkling clean in a matter of seconds!

Opt for neutral coloured tiles, like these ones, which create a warm and cosy look and feel in your kitchen.

2. In the shower

Your bathroom is one of the most important rooms in your home. It's where you relax in a hot bath, sing in the shower and get ready to start the day. Add a bit of fun and creativity to the space by adding funky tiles to your shower, like in this design by Amanda Pinheiro.

Opt for bright colours or a mosaic theme and watch your bathroom transform.

3. Add personality to your kitchen

It's not just your bathroom that you can have fun with. Add a touch of you to your kitchen. 

In this design, we can see tiles have been used to introduce a patchwork theme to the room. Have you ever seen such a trendy and inviting kitchen?

You'll also notice that the designers have ensured that their tiles work in harmony with the counter tops, choosing a gorgeous, deep maroon. This is a great colour tip, which is often overlooked.

4. Wood

Quayside Mix Distressed Wood Effect Tiles от The London Tile Co. Рустикальный
The London Tile Co.

Quayside Mix Distressed Wood Effect Tiles

The London Tile Co.

Wooden tiles are always a great addition to a home, bringing subtle texture along with an earthy look and feel to the space. You can opt for lighter wood or darker wood or a mottled texture, like in this design.

Pair with furniture that complements the wood and you'll have the best interiors on the block.

5. Plain and simple

White tiles are always beautiful and classic, creating a very clean and fresh interior. Don't you love how the designers here have used tiles that are shaped like hexagons? A unique twist!

They've also included gorgeous grey bathrooms accessories to the room, enhancing the white tiles and creating a lovely, soft hue. 

Have a look through these bathroom products for inspiration. 

6. Busy Body

We've seen how you can create a bit of character in your bathroom by tiling the shower walls, but why not go all out and tile the whole bathroom wall? 

This design by Casa100 Architects is bright and bold, yet they haven't gone over the top. They've achieved this by only tiling one side of the bathroom wall and keeping the rest of the walls a simple industrial chic grey.

7. Roughing it

 в современный. Автор – homify, Модерн

You can also opt for tiles that resemble stone, like in this design, creating a unique and bold texture in your home. 

Have a look at these: Tips for bringing blank walls to life.

8. Work with the floors

Коридор, прихожая и лестница в модерн стиле от Cer Vogue Модерн Плитка

Remember that no matter what you do with the walls, their design should work in harmony with the floors. If you've chosen tiles for your floors then be sure to choose tiles for your walls that enhance the floor pattern and vice-versa. 

Don't you love how the designers here have chosen subtle, checkered floors and a gorgeous green wall!

9. Blue and white

Blue is a very serene and peaceful colour, which is why it works so perfectly in your bathroom. Have you ever seen such gorgeous tiles?

Gama Ceramica Y Bano have matched the floor tiles with the wall tiles, creating a little cocoon of a bathroom. It's peaceful, stylish and sophisticated!

10. Stone

Ванная в средиземноморском стиле от Pixcity Средиземноморский

You can also create a bathroom haven by using stone tiles to make it look like a cave! Opt for lighter coloured stone so that the room doesn't get too dark or dingy. 

Have a look at this: Ideabook on enhancing your home with modern tiles.

11. Tile the entire home

Столовая комната в стиле модерн от Estudio JP Модерн

Remember that tiles can work for other areas of the home, not just the kitchen and the bathroom. Use tiles to enhance the floors of your living space as well as the walls. Don't you love how Estudio JP have paired sleek white tiled floors with grey stone tiled walls?

Use your furniture to enhance your colour scheme like the designers have done here too!

12. Imagery

 в современный. Автор –, Модерн

Tiles can be used to add a theme to a space, creating imagery and colour. In the kitchen, for example, a very fresh and bright design can be created by using images of fruit, for example. Doesn't this kitchen just look so inviting?

Pair colourful and bright tiles with neutral and modern furniture to create the most incredible interior design.

13. Go bold or go home

 в современный. Автор – UK Splashbacks, Модерн
UK Splashbacks

Orange Glass Kitchen Splash Back

UK Splashbacks

We end off our ideabook looking at these gorgeous orange tiles, which match the bright orange stove and oven unit. This kitchen shows just how creative and bold you can truly get when it comes to tiling your walls. Don't be afraid to express your personality!

When you've chosen the tiles that you want for your walls, consult an expert about having them installed. You want them to look neat, trendy and professionally done. 


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