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Hue areca candies has a white outer shell made from powdered mixed sugar, the inner part of the sugar is condensed sugar with a light yellow color. Lang Co in Da Nang Hue Quan Ba Do: 08 Nguyen Binh Khiem, City. Although the area is much more modest than the tombs of the predecessor kings, the construction process takes more than 10 years with a lot of elaborate and sophisticated works that consume a lot of effort and money < / p>

Villa Hue Hotel swimming pool (Collection source) Villa Hue - Hotel in Hue Exterior architecture of the hotel (Collection source) Pilgrimage Village Boutique Resort & Spa owns 99 spacious rooms, luxury, comfort, convenience. Hue Royal Wine is a special gift for ladies and gentlemen, supporting the treatment of weakness, physiological weakness, aches and pains, nourishing blood, vitality, nourishing kidney, strengthening vitality. With stele, bronze bell, Thien Mu pagoda today is also home to many precious antiques not only in history but also in art

Beef noodle shops are everywhere. road in Hue. In 2019, Thua Thien - Hue kicked off the project "Population relocation, site clearance in area I, Hue Citadel system, belonging to Hue ancient capital complex" Hue Khai Dinh Tomb All details are decorated with mosaic art

Dinner on car (or train) Day 03: Hue - Hanoi Morning: 6:30 am-7:00pm arrive Hanoi. Therefore, people used to call Hue the land of "Huong River - Mountain Ngu" Hue suburban area Hon Chen Palace Hon Chen Palace is a relic cluster consisting of about 10 different large and small structures lying in the middle. Ngoc Tran mountain side, facing the Perfume River, hidden under tall trees. The platform is nearly 1 meter high, the pavement is made of brick and stone with a ground surface area of nearly 1000m2

The two sides of the left and right seats of the king's seat are for nationals, court officials sit on either side. @Traveloka Tomb of Khai Dinh Hue A statue on a shrine, cast in France by two French artists and gilded by Hue artisans. The cool blue lake can be seen at the bottom

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