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9 shipping container house designs that will inspire you

Nancy Amon _ homify Nancy Amon _ homify
от Sergio Nunes Architects Лофт
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Container homes have become extremely popular in South Africa and have since been part of many commercial as well as residential property owners list of assets. Container homes can be “dressed up” into a very contemporary setup fit for a fancy addition to the home or even your second dwelling. With the right design and creative thinking, you can have a one-of-a-kind container home suited to your needs.

Cape Town based CONTAINER RENTAL AND SALES is one of the leaders when it comes to installing, designing, and renting shipping containers. They have worked with numerous entrepreneurs and homeowners looking to add that unique touch to their style and social space. CONTAINER RENTAL AND SALES specialises in new design and build, sales and rentals, offices, exhibition stands, container homes an alternative to regular houses, as well as schools.

You can find a variety of professionals at homify to help you complete your project and the inspiration you need to turn your home into a new and fresh living space that everyone will enjoy. In this ideabook we explore some unique container home designs that will inspire you to build one!

1. Villa 47: not just an average bar and restaurant

Villa 47 is truly not your average bar and restaurant, instead, it features unique custom-made containers which the owners then used as their commercial space. CONTAINER RENTAL AND SALES provided these 3 x 6-meter containers, which was set up, designed and prepared for this space. They are used as a bar, restaurant, and office.  

2. Containers fit into any space

от Berman-Kalil Housing Concepts Минимализм

Containers are such portable object it merely takes a crane to move about over buildings and transported easily by truck.   

3. Simple but functional container house

от Berman-Kalil Housing Concepts Минимализм

This container house looks very simple and minimal, but it has all the things needed for a functional house including gutters and piping to accommodate rain and storm water.  

4. A sense of urban chic

Выставочные павильоны в стиле лофт от JSD Interiors Лофт Металл

This is another restaurant installment that features re-used containers to its advantage. The colour coated on the exterior gives off a nice shine that sets the tone for this urban-style restaurant.   

5. Modern popup retreat container home

Сад в стиле лофт от Edge Design Studio Architects Лофт

This modern designed container home is simply an envious but very gorgeous home. The great thing about container homes is that it is so affordable and can still be designed to look high-end and stylish, as seen here.    

6. Customised with added security fencing

Офисные помещения в стиле модерн от A4AC Architects Модерн

Houses are not the only properties that can feature security fencing and bars. This commercial space is secure and fit with an outer fence.   

7. Perfectly made for artistic inspiration

от Sergio Nunes Architects Лофт Железо / Сталь

This container not only showcases some amazing artworks as it is used as an art gallery but also modern aesthetics. This is another example of how easy it is to customize a container home.   

8. Luxury outdoor space

от A4AC Architects Модерн Твердая древесина Многоцветный

This container got a new and refreshed look featuring the timber cladding. The use of timber sets the tone for a neat finished look in this family garden.  

9. Garden house delight

Дома в стиле лофт от Acton Gardens Лофт Металл

This container is set in the middle of the garden and makes for an excellent social space or a garden retreat amidst the serenity of a lush plants, trees and away from the bustling noises in the main property.

Here’s how to make your container house even more energy efficient and cost-effective with eco-friendly additions.  


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