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Smart and contemporary alternatives to classical armoire

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Classical armoire was the prized possession of many an aristocratic home. It still enjoys a loyal fan following among the connoisseurs of traditional furniture. Many houses still retain intricately designed wardrobe and armoire among their possessions of heirloom assets. But they are no longer considered the only means of storing your valuable items of clothing and accessories. Largely due to the lack of sufficient space in modern homes, these lavishly decorated pieces of furniture finally needed replacements. The heaviness of their material also made them less portable which did not suit the lifestyle of today’s globetrotting populace.

Modern designers came up with several ingenuous solutions keeping in the mind the requirements of the contemporary householders. Most of these may no longer boast of such meticulous detailing or opulent bronze gild, but they are more suited to the necessities of the contemporary apartments and small houses. Naturally, we are forced to look into these options and, often, after due surveying find pleasantly surprised at the availability of choices. So let us explore some of these options as storage solutions to clothing and accessories.

Walk in closet

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Walk in Wardrobe


Walk in closets are modern spin offs of classical wardrobe. It occupies a small room where shelves and drawers are often mounted on the walls. A walk in closet is generally built as a part of a bedroom suite and leads to an en suite bathroom. With a walk in closet is place, neat organisation of clothing, shoes, purses and other accessories become almost effortless. But it works best when created as a bespoke solution. You may consider using any one of these three types of walk in closets available in the market,

- walk in closet with a central island which increases the amount of storage space by placing a chest or drawer in the centre.

- reach in – these are generally designed with a rod running across the walls.

- fusion – integrating the best of the above two options with a wardrobe.

Chest of drawers

A chest of drawer is much like yesteryear dressers repurposed for contemporary homes. It is most suited when used for small pieces of clothing, ties, innerwear, jewelleries and other such like accessories. In the absence of a proper dressing room, it easily fits in a small bedroom. It also helps to keep things clean and organised. A painstakingly designed chest of drawers adds to the charm of the room. Do not forget to decorate its top with a prominent mirror, flowers, candles or a suitable piece of sculpture.

Clothes rails

Clothes rails are preferred choices for hanging daily wears, dressing gowns etc. But when space is a constraining factor these can be used as a replacement for an armoire. They are lightweight, a real space saver and create no clutter whatsoever. If you are staying in a rented apartment, one room or a really small apartment then you must consider bringing home one of these. However, remember to keep your dresses organised. If need be, put them in dust jackets.


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This might be rather old fashioned but extremely useful way of storing valuable pieces of clothing and accessories. If you already have one at home then you may easily utilise it. You can also purchase an antique ottoman from one of the trustable antique dealers and give your room a beautiful makeover. You can place decorative items by the side of it, but refrain from putting anything on top. You will frequently have to remove them to bring out the essentials.

Under bed drawers

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Contemporary divan beds come fitted with drawers. These can be used to exclusively store clothes and accessories. If yours is large enough you can accommodate your bed furnishings with a few of your garments and accessories. As most of these are made of engineered wood they are sturdy yet light enough for frequent use. It is a place that would mostly be out of reach for natural light. So maintaining a cleaning regimen and using insecticides will ensure due preservation of your valuable items. Put an aromatic cake or two to prevent any chance build up of foul smell. This bed designed by Allnatura offers smart storage solutions that you might be searching for.

Hanging from the ceiling

This may not be ideal long term solution, but it is worth your consideration. Particularly, if you are staying in a place for a short while and do not wish to invest in buying lot of furniture that you would not use in near future. This is also a welcoming option for an apartment with extremely low living area. Just make sure you are using quality bars, hangers etc to hang the clothes. Otherwise, it may ruin the look of your apartment. Keep your clothes organised and, if possible, wrapped in a dust jacket or plastic wraps. You would not like to ruin your precious collection because you are forced to use such a basic storage option.


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