Are you bored of your living room décor?

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The time will inevitably come when your living room's décor begins to bore you and you’ll naturally decide that a change is long overdue.

Breathing new life into your living room can revitalise the positive energy of the space, blowing away the weariness and boredom of the outdated surroundings. If you consider the effects of the living room on our daily lives, then the importance of change seems imminent.

It’s a space where we relax on the sofa and unwind the pressures of work whilst watching our favourite TV shows. It's a room that we generally associate with comfort and idleness so, if you're tired of your living room décor, it's time to make a change!

Take notes and, as always, be inspired!

Add a unique element

Decorar con diseño Made in Italy, Гостиная в стиле модерн Камины и аксессуары

One of the reasons your living room no longer inspires you is that every decorative object has become mundane, which can be remedied with the addition of something unique. Choose an object that fits with your personality. A simple, bespoke feature that, however small, can completely change the mood of the room.  

Of course, you could opt for an extravagant piece, such as in the image above, where the coffee table was transformed into a fireplace. How beautifully eccentric! Wouldn't it be delightful to return home from work to sit on the sofa and be transfixed by the dancing flames of your new coffee table?!

Walls with a personal touch

homify Гостиная в стиле модерн Красный Аксессуары и декорации

If adding a fireplace as the centrepiece of your décor seems like a stretch there is a simpler, quicker and cheaper solution. Paint a new look! Walls offer a unique opportunity to breathe a new life into your décor. You just need to consider them a blank canvas, awaiting your personal artistic touch. 

You can paint them with your favourite colours, create geometrical shapes, add wallpaper featuing an amazing landscape or a cool vinyl illustration. The choice is practically limitless and you can do it in a matter of days, even hours depending on your skills.

The best part is that every time your living room décor bores you, walls can easily be transformed to augment the mood and make the space interesting once more.

Playing with colours and designs

Regalos de Navidad para tu casa, Ociohogar Ociohogar Дома в стиле модерн Аксессуары и декор

A quintessential aspect of your living room décor is its colour scheme.

If the space seems boring then re-examine the uninspiring colour palette and remedy the situation with fresh and fun hues that will inject some vibrancy! We promise it’s going to be an enjoyable game playing with colour. You can create new combinations with paintings, vases, chairs or any other decorative elements.

If your living room has sober character then intoxicate it with bright accents, such as yellow, pink, blue, green or red. You of course don’t need to use all of them. Just choose your favourite and experiment until you find a balance that you like.

Pastel colours

Espinho . Interdesign, Interdesign Interiores Interdesign Interiores Гостиная в стиле модерн Аксессуары и декорации

In order to harmoniously blend the bright coloured accessories in the living room  you will need to use neutral or pastels colours. These hues offer the advantage of being quiet so that they can be used as the backdrop to the more lively hues.

You can, for example, use white or beige on the walls to balance colourful accessories and they can also combine delightfully with any decorative style, whether that be shabby chic, rustic or ultra-modern. 

Green elements

homify Гостиная в стиле модерн Табуреты и стулья

Green is usually a colour that's overlooked for the living room décor, however, it has hidden potential. It's a colour associated with hope, heath, vitality and freedom, which are all aspects vital to make you boring décor interesting again! 

In the image shown above, by Interdesign Interiors, green takes a centre stage in the living room, with neutral tones framing the armchair beautifully. The effect is a jovial and trendy living space.

Organic forms

BIG STILL WOOD Coffee Table - Black, D2 Studio D2 Studio Гостиная в скандинавском стиле Дерево Диваны и журнальные столики

One of the biggest trends this year in living room décor are organic forms. In essence this means irregular shapes with uneven curves. It’s a common aspect found in fine arts that's become increasingly vogue in the world of decoration. Organic shapes are usually comforting and relaxing, thus making them perfect for the living room. While they can be man-made, they are representations of shapes found in nature. 

Consider the coffee table in the image above. The large wooden top takes an organic form with fluent and rough curves. It adds a modern and sophisticated element to the living room, banishing thoughts of boredom.

For more ideas, don't miss the: Home Décor Trends For 2016.


The Dutch, José Tiago Rosa José Tiago Rosa Гостиная в стиле минимализм

Finally, the latest trend in living room décor is tripods. We are used to seeing tripods as a camera stands, however, when included in the home they can adopt a multitude of functions.

The most obvious role is purely ornamental yet one can transform them into an elegant floor lamp, giving the living room the allure of a photographer's studio. Whatever role you’ll assign to this feature, it will mark a bold new era for your living room!

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