18 amazing starter homes to inspire your homeowner dreams

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18 amazing starter homes to inspire your homeowner dreams

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Дома в . Автор – Casas y cabañas de Madera  -GRUPO CONSTRUCTOR RIO DORADO (MRD-TADPYC), Классический
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It can be easy to get a little disheartened these days, when you start thinking about trying to get on the property ladder, but maybe that's because we're aiming too high, too quickly! A starter home is a great idea, if you don't need too much space or can at least reign in your expectations for a few years and if you build one, you can get even more value for your cash! Architects, particularly those in built-up areas such as London, are really turning things up a notch in terms of designing smaller homes that can be squeezed into unforgiving spaces. We think you'll be blown away by the creativity being showcased right now, which is why we want to show you a host of small yet contemporary and stylish homes that should be seen as seriously inspiring right now. Are you ready to have your hope of home ownership revived? Then let's get started!

1. With a large terrace.

Дома в . Автор – Technowood srl, Модерн

A small home can still have a larger terrace. If you design your own, you can prioritise what's most important to you.

2. Classic wood.

Small but cute as a button, traditional wood cabins are a great way to get on the housing ladder, especially if your budget is small.

3. A monochrome delight.

 в {:asian=>"азиатка", :classic=>"классический", :colonial=>"колониальный", :country=>"стиле кантри", :eclectic=>"эклектический", :industrial=>"промышленные", :mediterranean=>"средиземноморском стиле", :minimalist=>"минималист", :modern=>"современный", :rustic=>"простоватый", :scandinavian=>"скандинавский", :tropical=>"тропический"}. Автор – Marlegno,

Think a small starter home can't be stylish? Think again! This monochrome façade is incredible.

4. Wood and stone together.

Дома в . Автор – Barra&Barra Srl, Классический

Using natural materials will give your starter home a really timeless look that could be very useful when it comes to selling later on.

5. Nestled amongst the trees.

A rural location will always be more cost effective than urban spaces, so why not look at land prices out of the city? You might never want to go urban again, if you get a home this sweet!

6. L-shaped and lovely.

Дома в . Автор – homify, Минимализм Алюминий / Цинк

How amazing is this L-shaped house? It makes such great use of the space and creates a natural terrace too.

7. A home on the go.

Who said that you need to build a home in one place? A mobile property could give you so much more freedom.

8. A touch of luxury.

 в {:asian=>"азиатка", :classic=>"классический", :colonial=>"колониальный", :country=>"стиле кантри", :eclectic=>"эклектический", :industrial=>"промышленные", :mediterranean=>"средиземноморском стиле", :minimalist=>"минималист", :modern=>"современный", :rustic=>"простоватый", :scandinavian=>"скандинавский", :tropical=>"тропический"}. Автор – Ya Home Staging,

If you keep your home design simple, you can afford to go a little more decedent with the finishes! You can't deny the understated nature, nor the exultant finish of this house!

9. Bold with the colour.

Дома в . Автор – homify, Колониальный

If you need to go simple with your house, why not turn things up a notch with the colours that you choose? We love the pops of red and back here.

10. Black wood beauty.

A wooden home can look a little rustic, but switch up the cladding colour and you can embrace a more contemporary aesthetic. This black finish exudes a mysterious charm.

11. Modernist one-storey.

Single-storey homes don;t have to be thought of as boring bungalows! This chic and simple one-storey design looks so crisp and cool and with no second floor, will have been cost-effective to build too.

12. A cute Colonial vibe.

We know that a traditional aesthetic is important to some of you, so we think you'll go crazy for this scaled -back Colonial design. Sweet and petite!

13. A fairytale cabin.

A wooden cabin, mounted on a firm stone base will always look elegant, timeless and fun. For a small household, this type of design is great and can be built quickly.

14. Contemporary cabin vibes.

Сборные дома в . Автор – Casas Metal, Средиземноморский Металл

If you love wood but not the normal cabin look, how about this beautiful boxy style? Still very simple, the flat cladding makes for a far more contemporary and minimal finish.

15. Industrial chic.

Grey is still BIG news in the home design arena and we love how it can make a small home look a little more industrial. Add some exterior metalwork and the look really is complete.

16. Small but special.

This box home would be amazing for ANYONE, not just a first time homeowner! The colourful materials help to make this look a lot less simple and far more 'dream home' like.

17. Prefabricated perfection.

Дома в . Автор – KITUR, Минимализм

For a really budget-friendly home design, you can't not check out prefabricated options! Cheaper, faster to build but no less impressive, they are the future of affordable housing! We believe it, looking at this example!

18. Compact creativity.

This is a small home but has a lot going on! A dual-pitched roof, funky façade colours and even a covered entrance have made it so much more than a starter property! 

For more small home inspiration, take a look at this Ideabook: A small starter home built in just 5 months!


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