8 amazing wooden houses that will blow your mind

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8 amazing wooden houses that will blow your mind

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Wooden houses don’t just look charming and cosy, but are also very environment-friendly and sustainable. They are lighter than concrete houses and need lesser energy and investment. Wooden homes are lesser prone to earthquakes as well and highly insulated against temperature fluctuations. Wooden walls are breathable and can last very long is properly treated against moisture and pests. So, here are 8 wooden abodes that will inspire you to build a small and beautiful home for yourself.

1. Simple, elegant and modular

Фото обложки профиля от Alphome/АльпХоум

Фото обложки профиля


The general contractors at Alphome built this modular wooden house, making sure that it is both robust and pretty. Such houses are very easy to put together and can be carried to different locations if the inhabitants decide to move. The walls are strong and feature heat and sound insulation.

2. A cosy home for a peace-loving family

Surrounded by manicured greens, this stylish rustic house is a mix of dark wooden walls, stone foundation and gently sloping roofs. Large windows allow sunlight to filter inside, while the spacious porch is perfect for relaxing and sunbathing.

3. Ideal for winter holidays

Дом в Пушкино Дома в рустикальном стиле от Роял Вуд Рустикальный
Роял Вуд

Дом в Пушкино

Роял Вуд

Constructed with solid and natural wooden logs, this beautiful and large house is the perfect getaway for winters. It has a big porch and modern interiors and will keep you warm and comfortable.

4. Modern affair in wood

Beautiful Design Wooden House Дома в стиле модерн от Namas Модерн Твердая древесина Многоцветный

Beautiful Design Wooden House


Sleek lines and a simple structure make this wooden house a delight for sore eyes. Plenty of large windows enable the easy influx of light and allow the inhabitants to enjoy outdoor views.

5. Adorable chalet

Smart Wood - баня и летняя кухня Дома в рустикальном стиле от Smart Wood Рустикальный
Smart Wood

Smart Wood – баня и летняя кухня

Smart Wood

Built with dark natural logs of wood, this house looks very natural and charmingly rural.

6. Expansive and luxurious

Sam's Creek Дома в стиле модерн от homify Модерн

Sam's Creek


Despite choosing wood as the main building material, this lavish house features a very modern design, practical interiors and lots of space for living the good life. Plenty of glass windows give it an open and inviting look.

7. Minimal and functional in wood

Дома в стиле модерн от Jenohr + Mezger Модерн

Rendered in light-hued wood, this large double storied house looks very simple, yet cosy and welcoming. The interiors are very functional and comfortable, while the minimalism of the structure hints at a sensible lifestyle.

8. Small and affordable

If you don’t wish to spend a lot on a wooden house, then take a cue from this simple and small wooden bungalow. It is comfy, practical and modular.

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