Important things to remember before buying a home

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If you are thinking of buying a house you need to be prepared for what you're about to experience. Our tip: never buy something that you don't like, because like any relationship, you need to be passionate about it and love it deeply in order to get through the tough times!

Make sure that where your new property is located is a place that you've always wanted to live and have dreamed of because once you buy a house, you can't move it to another neighbourhood! Renting is far more simple, but buying a property is a decision that should not be made lightly. 

Purchasing a home can have a big impact on your life. For starters, you need to make sure that you are financially stable enough to afford the house that you want to buy. You also need to ask yourself how long you want to live in that area, what hidden costs there may be and what the property market in the area is doing.

Once you have added all of the costs and made your decision, it's time to get excited about the house that you are buying!

First impression counts

Studio MK27 Дома в стиле модерн

It's incredibly obvious that when it comes to buying a house, the first impression counts. Your eyes are the first part of your body to fall in love! They lead us to what we desire and search for perfection. Of course not everyone will agree with what you find beautiful, but you can agree on certain features that you both want, it two of you are buying a house together.

When buying a home, some of the first questions to ask are the geographic location, number of bedrooms and exposure to the sun. Often we want to live close to the city centre, which means we will have to opt for an apartment or older home. But if your dream is to live in a house surrounded by Mother Nature then there are endless possibilities when it comes to buying a house within your budget. 

Reasons for sale

When negotiating the purchase of a home, it is important to ask why the current owners are selling. Also ask them about the neighbourhood, what kind of neighbours they have, what types of shops and facilities are near by and what the housing market is like in the area. 

These are just some of the key points to keep in mind when purchasing a house.

Often people's reasons for leaving have to do with changing jobs or looking for a house with more bedrooms. These types of reasons can lead to excellent business opportunities. Watch the real estate market – who knows what opportunities are waiting are for you!

Have a survey to check the property's condition

Don't just go with what the sellers are telling you. Sometimes building problems can be hidden! When you buy a home, don't be afraid to ask questions. If you don't, you could end up with serious problems that could become very costly to fix.

If the building is in a good condition, such as this structure by MUDA Home Design, your house may be slightly more expensive to buy but this is good in the long term! More durable walls and floors mean less costs further down the line. 

However, a number of people choose to buy homes in poor condition for a much cheaper price and then renovate it. This can lead to huge profits on the property!

Ask about energy efficiency

HOUSE HABITAT Домашнее хозяйство Аксессуары и декор

Buying a home where there are green, sustainable solutions for efficiency and power may result in a house that is of higher value. Later your wallet will thank you for these decisions, because not only will it turn out to be cheaper but it is more environmentally friendly.

If you choose to purchase a property that is sustainable, you are also contributing to the quality of the environment and the future of this world. The future should start being built today.

Not only will you have good results, but you will be helping future generations at the same time.

Assess the size and rooms

The number of people that you live with will be the deciding factor when it comes to how many bedrooms you need and want, when you purchase a home. The demand for studio apartments, for example, is much higher when you are living alone or with your partner. It's ideal for couples starting out in life!

Therefore, logically, if you have a larger family, you need a much bigger house.

The size and number of rooms in a home are a definitive factor when it comes to buying.

Once you've bought, you've got through the hard part. Decorating will be easy – just follow the tips and advice from professionals at homify. Browsing these fantastic ideas will give you so much joy everyday!

Be aware of all the cost implications

The cost of housing depends on what the house has to offer. The location alone will already add value (and therefore cost) to the house, unless you're lucky enough to find a great deal. The materials used for the building of the house as well as the energy efficiency are also sure to bump up the price of a house. 

Keep up to date with real estate market costs. Do your own, private research into what similar housing costs and the value of an identical house. Having knowledge about real estate will equip you with the ability to negotiate when it comes to the purchase price of the house that you want.

Additional financial responsibilities

In addition to the purchase of the house, be sure to include a bit of fat in your budget for added expenses such as transfer duties. You don't want your account to get a big fright when these expenses roll around! Consider all costs before proceeding. You need to be absolutely sure – buying a home is not like going to the supermarket. 

If the house has a swimming pool and central heating, for example, this is going to add to the expenses. Check with the current owners what these added costs are. Also keep in mind that owning a house means that you will be subject to rates and taxes as well. 

With all this being said, it's much better to live in a home you own and it's even better to live in the home of your dreams!

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