​15 ideas to help organise your closet and dressing room

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​15 ideas to help organise your closet and dressing room

Johannes van Graan Johannes van Graan
Эко домик : Гардеробные в . Автор – Giovani Design Studio, Минимализм
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Clutter is never acceptable, especially not when it comes to small homes with limited legroom. But having said that, we all know how easy it is to fall in the groove of throwing a sweater down here or leaving a sock over there, and before you know it your entire bedroom has turned into a huge, giant mess. 

Well, no more, for today we take a look at 15 examples of storage that anybody can try at home to ensure their closets, wardrobes and/or dressing spaces remain neat as a pin 24/7.

1. Drawers, drawers and more drawers – they take up little space, yet help out a lot with storage.

2. A chair or small stool can be used for draping a shirt or garment if necessary – at least it won’t be on the floor.

Гардеробные в . Автор – Grange México, Модерн Твердая древесина Многоцветный

3. Just like your clothing closet, your storage space for linen should also be neat and tidy.

Гардеробные в . Автор – Grange México, Модерн Твердая древесина Многоцветный

4. Keep even the smallest jewellery pieces neat and in their own little space, which will greatly enhance your room’s overall tidiness.

5. Install a hanging rod wherever you have some extra closet/wardrobe space.

6. Colour-coding your clothing not only looks neat, but can also cut dressing time substantially.

Гардеробные в . Автор – homify, Модерн Дерево Эффект древесины

7. Instead of stacking your shoes in a giant heap atop each other, line them up neatly on their own little rack/shelf.

8. A decent little cubby hole is all it takes to keep your beauty items (face creams, makeup, etc.) together.

Гардеробные в . Автор – homify, Минимализм

9. A changing station on wheels? So practical!

10. Anything from seasonal clothing to shoes can be stored neatly and out of sight via boxes.

ул. Маршака: Гардеробные в . Автор – CULTURA-дизайн, Эклектичный

ул. Маршака


11. Not everything needs to hang – fill up those cubby holes and shelves with clothing made for folding, like shirts and jeans.

Гардеробная комната: Гардеробные в . Автор – Giovani Design Studio, Минимализм
Giovani Design Studio

Гардеробная комната

Giovani Design Studio

12. You know what you use/wear the most, so keep those items near and in the front.

Гардеробные в . Автор – The Wood Works, Модерн Стекло

13. Separating your hanging items from the folded ones can also make any wardrobe look so much more practical.

Гардеробные в . Автор – homify, Лофт

14. A few simple wall knobs are perfect for hanging up anything from coats to handbags.

15. Your dressing space might be neater, but keeping it out of sight ensures it doesn’t impact the beauty of your bedroom.

Гардеробные в . Автор – TEKNIA ESTUDIO , Скандинавский

Let’s see how you can go about Designing a fully loaded dressing room


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