9 Warm and modern living rooms in beige

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9 Warm and modern living rooms in beige

Ritika Tiwari Ritika Tiwari
Гостиная в . Автор – BELEN FERRANDIZ INTERIOR DESIGN, Эклектичный
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While decorating our bedroom, we are allowed to take risks and play at our own pace. However, in the living room, a different rule applies. Here, each element is critical and adds to the comfort of those who visit the house. Therefore, one should remember that smart decoration is the key to achieve a harmonious space.

Many questions come to mind while decorating the most important room of the home. They can be regarding the furniture, lining of the floor and walls, lighting and even accessories. But the most tricky is the color. A living room can only create a beautiful ambiance when the color of its four walls is modern and welcoming at the same time.

The ideal color for this is beige as it is considered a trend and symbol of elegance. It can also be combined with different styles without compromising on its warm and welcoming environments. Here is an ideabook, that showcases nine beautiful living room designs in beige.

1. For large rooms

Гостиная в . Автор – 360arquitetura, Минимализм

Such large spaces require particular attention when it comes to choosing the color that we want to incorporate. It means visual balance and harmony is a maxim that we can not ignore. That is why neutral tone palettes are the best choice for decorating halls which are intermingled with the dining area. Whether it is textile, wood or glass, beige tones can be combined with anything. It helps you create a friendly space where you would want to spend hours relaxing.

2. Never goes out of style

Another significant advantage of coloring the walls beige or sand is its timeless character. A quality that we can not underestimate as it ensures that our salon always looks fresh and trendy. A white base has been chosen in the design of this image. Also, earth colors for living rooms can create a subtle contrast. From the design of accessories on the walls to the wooden furniture that brings charm, everything looks natural.

3. The lights

Дизайн гостиной в современном стиле в ЖК "Новый город": Гостиная в . Автор – Студия интерьерного дизайна happy.design, Модерн
Студия интерьерного дизайна happy.design

Дизайн гостиной в современном стиле в ЖК Новый город

Студия интерьерного дизайна happy.design

When a room does not receive natural light, we must think of alternatives that can compensate for this lack. In this sense, the choice of color and the luminaire itself becomes a vital design issue. Choosing a combination of whites and beige translates into an increase of spatial feeling. If you multiply the artificial light source, you end up not missing the large windows at all. However, it is essential to choose a luminaire in natural tones, if you do not want to break the visual harmony.

4. Dark brown

дизайн проект на Коломенской набережной: Гостиная в . Автор – JULIA KABANOVA's DESIGN STUDIO, Модерн

дизайн проект на Коломенской набережной


If natural light sources are not a problem, then you can raise the tone of the decoration a bit more by choosing brown shades. The intention is to convey a sense of comfort while designing a space full of personality and contrasts. In this case, the lights have been reserved exclusively to the cover with an original dashed line layout. Finally, the design of the furniture brings a certain halo of sophistication to the design of this modern hall.

5. Cozy

Таунхаус в г.Краснодар: Гостиная в . Автор – Design Studio Details, Эклектичный
Design Studio Details

Таунхаус в г.Краснодар

Design Studio Details

Betting on the neutral tones for furniture and accessories is a great success. Playing with them is your best option to break the monotony in a room dedicated to such colors. The set of paintings with which one of the leading walls of the room has been decorated brings a visual dynamism to the place. It helps differentiate the furniture from the wall and together with the rest of the accessories, makes it look fabulous.

6. Classic style

In the decoration of this room, white and brown melt in a perfect way to achieve a space full of visual balance. Contrary to our previous example, here the color white has been reserved for walls and not so much for the design itself. However, small details in Ocher color for salon can also make it look beautiful. In addition to the sofa, other auxiliary elements such as the armchairs and the massive oak floor also add a unique touch.

7. The architecture

We have seen that beige works very well for both small and larger spaces. The key is to know how to play with the full range of colors and distributing them intelligently throughout the stay. If the sofa and carpet match the tone, then the ideal solution is to create a visual contrast with elements like paintings, lamps, and coverings. On the other hand, the architecture of this room has also allowed it to break the uniformity in all the senses. If the salon color is sand then photos can also be an excellent decorative element.

9. The color of elegance

The color beige uses different shades of browns to achieve an environment full of contrasts and personality. It is a quality that has made it possible for us to incorporate anything we like. The color is as elegant as black, but you do not get saturated as it happens with most vivid color. We can assure you that beige heads the list of the chosen tones to decorate the living room of your house.

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