25 Inspiring rustic bathroom designs

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25 Inspiring rustic bathroom designs

Ritika Tiwari Ritika Tiwari
Ванные комнаты в . Автор – SegmentoPonto4,
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Most people prefer to leave the city and visit a countryside in order to have a rustic experience. However leaving our urban lifestyle or home is not a permanent solution. The thing that is possible on the other hand is to bring in more rural and rustic touch within our homes. Therefore today we have dedicated this ideabook to rustic bathroom designs that can inspire you to create one for yourself. 

A bathroom is the first place that you visit every morning when you get out of bed, and it is usually also the last room that one sees before going to bed. So this makes it all the more essential to make it harmonious, relaxing and beautiful.

1. Open beams

One of the simplest ways of achieving a rustic look in your bathroom is by installing such open wooden beams.

2. Polished wood

Polished wood not only adds a country style charm to your bathroom but also acts as a reflective surface making the room look bright.

3. Creative partition

Ванные комнаты в . Автор – JSD Interiors,

Creative looking partitions made out of wood can also help you achieve the desired result.

4. Gray cement

Ванные комнаты в . Автор – SegmentoPonto4,

Grey cement walls look not only natural but also rustic at the same time.

5. Pallet wood

You can also use old pallet wood to create cabinets and racks for your bathroom.

6. Plants

Ванные комнаты в . Автор – Gabriela Pereira,

A countryside is all about greenery which can also be incorporated into your bathroom with the help of wall mounted planters.

7. Brick wall

Rustic looking brick walls can also be an ideal choice for creating a bathroom.

8. Cabin style interior

ЗАГОРОДНЫЙ ДОМ-ДАЧА, УЛЬЯНОВСКАЯ ОБЛАСТЬ 2014 ГОД: Ванные комнаты в . Автор – Lavka-design дизайн бюро,
Lavka-design дизайн бюро


Lavka-design дизайн бюро

To achieve a cabin style interior using large logs of wood is highly recommended.

9. Rustic accessories

If you are looking for a cheaper alternative to rebuilding then incorporating rustic style accessories is an excellent choice.

10. Replicating a cave

To replicate a cave, you can create a curved stone ceiling in your bathroom.

11. Stone walls

Natural stones can also be used as a building material for achieving a rustic look.

12. Bright colours

Using bright colours is the best way to make your bathroom stand out and look traditional.

13. Wooden fixtures

Ванные комнаты в . Автор – homify,

Installing wooden fixtures like sink counters and inbuilt cabinets is also worth trying.

14. Mosaic tiles

Ванные комнаты в . Автор – homify,

Mosaic tiles can be used for creating focal walls like one sees in a rustic bathroom.

15. Antique furniture

"Солнечная опушка": Ванные комнаты в . Автор – Alena Zakharova,
Alena Zakharova

Солнечная опушка

Alena Zakharova

Reusing old or antique furniture is another way to create your very own country style bath.

16. Light fixtures

Романтика прованса: Ванные комнаты в . Автор – Белый Эскиз,
Белый Эскиз

Романтика прованса

Белый Эскиз

Delicate light fixtures like chandeliers are also known for showcasing rustic charm.

17. Reusing wood

Using old wood to create your rustic style cabinetry is a much cheaper alternative to buying new ones.

18. Marble

Another natural stone that you can use in your bathroom is marble which will also look elegant.

19. Rustic foset

Water fixtures like faucets and showers can also help you create your desired theme.

20. Framed mirror

Framed wall mirror in another accessory that you can choose while designing a rural bathroom.

21. Candels

Candles can be lit to create a country style atmosphere even in modern bathrooms.

22. Country style tub

Ванные комнаты в . Автор – A1 Lofts and Extensions,

If you have enough space in your bathroom to add a tab then opting for a copper one is advised.

23. Flowers

Ванная комната в . Автор – Drummonds Bathrooms,
Drummonds Bathrooms

Country House Barn, Surrey

Drummonds Bathrooms

Another way to add greenery and a touch of colour to your bathroom is by adding flowers wherever possible.

24. Printed tiles

Printed tiles are the first thing that comes to mind when one thinks of rustic style interior.

25. Wall hangings

Artistic wall hangings are the cheapest alternative that you can find for country style decor.

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