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An incredible bungalow for less than 1 million pesos

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Come home to a cozy living space that’s all your own. This quaint little living space is simple and homey at a friendly price tag that even starter families can afford. Even without a ton of money at your disposal, there’s no need to give up those dreams of creating your own home.

A smaller residence offers less space for the residents, but it has numerous advantages apart from its affordability as well. Not only is a humble house cheaper to build, but it can also be set up more quickly. For those who don’t want to wait too long to see their home come into fruition, this is a great option that takes much less time to build.

Another plus: a tiny house is infinitely more low-maintenance than a sprawling estate. With fewer rooms and space, there are also less repairs, cleaning and other chores necessary. Even busy homeowners will be able to manage the upkeep of the house without outside help.

The more affordable price tag also allows the residents to ensure the overall quality of the home even if it’s necessary to give up the space. Get inspired by this charming dwelling that can be recreated by professionals at surprisingly reasonable costs.

A standout cottage


What it may lack in size, it can make up in spunk. Designers can find a way to help tiny houses stand out in the neighborhood even minus the towering heights of multi-storey mansions. One way to make a single-storey home an eye-catcher is to paint it in striking colors.

The red and yellow cottage featured above is a prime example of using bright hues to catch the attention of any passer-by. White accents, gray foundation and the brown gable roof tie the unique color scheme all together.

While not everyone will appreciate bold colors in the façade of their home, aspiring homeowners who are more open to experimentation will see a definite boost in the look of their humble abode. With an endless spectrum of colors at your disposal, the possibilities are infinite and you can choose a combination that best represents the household. Consult the help of painters for a theme that can work with the house and its surroundings. 

Modest yet efficient design


The secret of a small house is in its design. While bigger properties have plenty of room to play around, the limited area of undersized houses require intelligent architecture to maximize every bit of interior space.

Often, professionals opt for an open layout in humbler homes. This not only ensures a smooth flow of movement among the different zones of the house, but it also omits the need to “waste” precious space on walls and doors in between the living room, dining room and kitchen. During get-togethers, it also offers a roomy area to host multiple guests at once.

Check out these 12 open-plan design inspirations for your home.

Plenty of outdoor space


Another feature you don’t have to sacrifice in tiny houses: outdoor areas. Instead of using every inch of space available for interiors, leave a bit for a garden and even a sitting area. It not only offers additional living space, but also keeps the property from feeling too cramped. The residents can step outside for a breath of fresh air and children have ample space to run and play safely.

Outdoor areas are an extension of the living spaces, a place where the family can bask in sunny mornings or even set up a picnic section for al fresco meals. In the featured home, the designers made sure to include a shaded deck by the entrance as well as a garden area.

While small, this charming and affordable home leaves behind a warm and lasting impression.

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