The Eye-Catching Suburban Wonder Home

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The Eye-Catching Suburban Wonder Home

Luke Riley Luke Riley
Дома на одну семью в . Автор – ARKITURA GmbH
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Located in a suburb where the usual home is built from bricks and mortar, this house has been designed to bring a sense of architectural wonder to the neighbourhood. Overseen by HausManufaktur, the firm's creative and ambitious design is a glowing example of the new-age house. 

Inside, the architects have created a home with a sense of theatre while also providing a sanctuary from the hustle and bustle of city life. You'll soon grow to love the thoughtful décor that's filled with special moments of surprise and delight.

Come and see it for yourself!

A fast process from the beginning

Дома на одну семью в . Автор – ARKITURA GmbH

With a set of final design drawings ready to be given the green light, the clients of HausManufaktur simply couldn't wait to move into their new home. Lucky for them the entire home  and landscaping was completed in only a few months. 

Despite considerable challenging design elements involved in the build, the home was completed without hiccup. The two levels of the home are wrapped flawlessly by huge sheets of transparent glass, with each framed by an extra-strength steel frame. The white cladding chosen for the façade gives the home an almost weightless appeal. 

Flawless design

Ванные комнаты в . Автор – ARKITURA GmbH

We've decided to start the tour inside the home within the grand master suite. Our first impressions are undoubtedly positive as we look around the room. Firstly, we love how the stacked stone feature wall provides a textural contrasts to the sleek and glossy finishes of the rest of the room.

It's also difficult not to look past the magnificent ceramic tub that's been positioned so those enjoying the warm water can enjoy the scenery on display through the floor-to-ceiling windows. Separating the bathroom suite to the master is the beautiful timber partial wall. 

Grand but cosy

Спальни в . Автор – ARKITURA GmbH

On the other side of the timber partial wall the master bed showcases a well-considered set up. Although on first impression this bedroom appears grand in scale, it’s a relatively compact in a lot of ways. There's a sense of cosiness that's been achieved by the mixing of soft textures throughout. Of note is the choice of deep colours for the bed linen, which combines so well with the neutral scheme. 

Pops of colour

Столовые комнаты в . Автор – ARKITURA GmbH

The communal zone found on the ground floor shows a subdued colour palette of whites and chocolate browns. The occasional pop of colour brings a deliberative sense of fun to the modern décor. The lighting plays a vital role in the perception of the scheme, with both natural and artificial light playing their respective roles. 

A family setting

Гостиная в . Автор – ARKITURA GmbH

The architecture and décor of this lounge room achieves a sense of calmness and and has become a genuine sanctuary within the home for the family. It is the place in the home where you will find each family member once dinner has been eaten. The wall is lined by couches that would be too difficult to stay away from. 

The open plan footprint is designed to maximise exposure to northern light. The glass windows and doors pull light deep into the plan, which is perfectly captured in the corresponding picture. 

Floating drama

Коридор и прихожая в . Автор – ARKITURA GmbH

Our final image is from the entrance where there's a sense of theatre to the setting. A floating staircase reaches up from the ground floor and forms as a sculptural piece of functional art, intensifying the drama of the encounter. The deft show of compression and expansion, paired with choices of transparent materials, is what controls the perception of space here. 

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