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homify Кухня в стиле модерн
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For our next stop on homify 360°, we set off to Essen, which is the 9th largest city in Germany. Here, in a dense residential area which houses small plots, we will discover a modern structure of two floors, geometric lines, and an adjoining garden. 

This piece of property, which doesn’t stretch more than 422 square metres, is the ideal residence for the modern family which seeks a simple yet contemporary living style. Thanks to the visual representation of German photographer Peter Stockhausen from Stockhausen Fotodesign, we get to discover this little abundance of comfort, style, and contemporary aesthetics that resemble the modern dream house in the suburbs.

Garden view

homify Дома в стиле модерн

We open on the back façade of the house, which is visible from the garden. Created from single-shell masonry and high-thermal insulating bricks, the house was plastered white for a neutral presence. Add to this some touches of dark window frames and diagonal glazing, and we have an aesthetically pleasing house that proudly takes its place in the modern dimension of architecture. 

Notice the crisp and clear linear design visible in the wall layout, windows, wooden deck… basically every detail.

Up the stairs

homify Гостиная в стиле модерн

A handful of warm wooden steps magically float upwards in the interiors, offsetting quite nicely with the overall whiteness of the ceiling, walls and floor. Small spots of wall lighting help to illuminate the way up, yet we’re not ready to ascend just yet – so much more to discover on the ground floor.  

We love how well the space under the stairs has been utilised by adding a piano, which stands ready and waiting to entertain the guests after dinner. 

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The cooking space

homify Кухня в стиле модерн

The kitchen, neatly decked out in a neutral palette, presents a pleasant little space where any meal preparation is sure to be a joy. Modern steel appliances add a touch of silver to the white environment, with natural lighting (flowing in from the sliding door and window) ensures an ever-present freshness. 

As can be seen here, the kitchen flows freely into the dining room – or is it the other way around? No matter, as the absence of walls ensure no barriers are here to stand between cook and guest.

For chic living

homify Гостиная в стиле модерн

Taking a cue from the dining area, the living room injects some dark colour into this open-plan room. Brown leather furniture, Zebra patterned rug, dark television set, the plant pot in the corner… they all add some delightful visual gaps in the white palette, and ensure a decent helping of modern elements in this house. 

The large windows have been placed strategically to limit the living room’s exposure to the east, north and west – thus ensuring that sunrises and sunsets are present to shine over morning coffee and that evening glass of wine. 

We definitely approve of those rectangular niches in the walls, serving as ideal storage spaces for firewood, and also adding some beige colour spots into the interior palette.

For clear concentration

homify Рабочий кабинет в стиле модерн

What do you do when having to make a small space work? You improvise. Notice how cleverly these floating shelves extend into a desk. Add a chair, the essentials for your workstation, and done! 

As the office area has also been coated with the neutral palette, it enhances the visual space of the area (along with the natural lighting from the window). The white colours help to promote concentration, and the absence of excessive decor ensures a quiet, uninterrupted home office. 

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A softer style

homify Спальня в стиле модерн

The bedroom is where the interior style takes a unique approach – still decidedly modern, it loses some of the rigid linear layouts and neutral tones, and instead opts for a softer, more romantic approach. 

The magenta curtains are the first elements we notice, followed by the flowery patterns on the lighter window treatment. The soft and flowing shape of the headboard also catches our eye, contrasting neatly with the rigid structure visible in the rest of the house. And the chandelier-type ceiling light adds a dreamy charm to the room, coating the bedroom in a passionate and private embrace.

Transmitting calmness

homify Ванная комната в стиле модерн

The bathroom is quite light and simple, yet projects an image of style. The darker tones of the porcelain stoneware floor and parts of the wall offset uniquely with the remaining light colours. This creates a neat visual dimension to make the room softer on the eye. 

To enhance the brightness, white porcelain and bright decor help to create an open and inviting atmosphere. And as wood is always a welcome companion in any room, the light toned finishing of the basin ensures a calming and sophisticated element.

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