Making minimalist spaces both stylish and comfortable

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Making minimalist spaces both stylish and comfortable

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Кухня в стиле минимализм от Didonè Comacchio Architects Минимализм
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What do you think of minimalist spaces? We can't get enough of the clean lines and few, perfectly selected, furniture pieces. Some think that having less decor means you have to abandon the comfortable, cozy ambiance they love-- but its exactly the opposite! Let these beautiful rooms show you that minimalist style makes for bigger, brighter, and more comfortable homes.

1. Natural materials

Загородный дом "Natürliche" Спальня в стиле минимализм от Artichok Design Минимализм Дерево Эффект древесины
Artichok Design

Загородный дом Natürliche

Artichok Design

Neutrals are the hallmark of minimalism, and these rich browns make for one cozy atmosphere. 

2. Interesting furniture

Richmond Full House Refurbishment Гостиная в стиле минимализм от A1 Lofts and Extensions Минимализм
A1 Lofts and Extensions

Richmond Full House Refurbishment

A1 Lofts and Extensions

There are only two pieces of furniture in this room, but each is comfortable, thickly padded, and bright. 

3. Comfortable bathroom

ik1-house Ванная комната в стиле минимализм от IGOR SIROTOV ARCHITECTS Минимализм

What's the one thing people want for their bathroom, almost without exception? More space. Minimalism delivers that every time. 

4. Kitchen comfort

Кухня в стиле минимализм от RO|a_ Минимализм

You can also get more space out of the kitchen with minimalism! 

5. Terrace seating

These round, soft, pure white seats are minimalist to a tee-- and ertainly very comfortable. 

6. Simple colour

When you TV stand, shelvin, wall, and coffee table are all white, the emphasis is on your possessions, the things you love. 

7. Glass shower

Ванная комната в стиле минимализм от Edoardo Pennazio Минимализм

There's nothing more elegant than a tall glass shower. 

8. Plants

If you feel like your minimalist space needs some life, a handful of potted plants will deliver it for you. 

9. Integrate technology

Appliances, from televisions to microwaves, integrate seamlessly with minimalist style. 

10. Warm and modern

Light pine is often used in minimalist spaces. It adds warmth to every corner, even in the kitchen. 

11. Large furniture

When you have less in your space, what you do choose to have can be huge. Look at this amazing couch. There's room enough for the whole family. 

12. Texture emphasis

Дома в стиле минимализм от moovdesign Минимализм

Choose materials with differet textures to add more interest to the space. 

13. Comfortable beds

Спальня в стиле минимализм от homify Минимализм

This beautiful bed has absolutely no frills. But it looks lusciously comfortable. 

14. White, white, and more white

Гостиная в стиле минимализм от stefania eugeni Минимализм

Minimalist style relies on this shade like no other. And there's a reason, it makes spaces look clean, crisp, and relaxing. 

15. Function

All of the decor in this space provides a specific function. 

16. Clear kitchen

Кухня в стиле модерн от kenchiku Модерн

Modern kitchen cupboards don't need handles, and without them, they look so clean. 

17. Innovative technologies

 в современный. Автор – homify, Модерн

Lowerable power outlet strip in the kitchen island


The freshest ideas fit into minimalist spaces with ease. 

18. Wooden focus

Кухня в скандинавском стиле от Ayuko Studio Скандинавский

To ground a minimalist space, make the base of furniture-- from table legs to chair legs, wood. 

19. Carpet

You can add an interesting carpet to a minimalist space, it works even on a white concrete floor. 

20. Open living

Гостиная в стиле минимализм от Bobarchitectuur Минимализм

The radically open floor plans make for flexible living, that matches the way you want to live. 

21. Symmetry

Symmetrically arranged spaces can structure a room and make it feel more comfortable. 

Here's the top 11 furnishings for the living room-- most of which can be delightfully minimalist. 


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