9 ways to upgrade your living room for less than £100

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9 ways to upgrade your living room for less than £100

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What is it about £100 that makes it seem like such a reasonable amount of money? In terms of interior design, it's a drop in the ocean of what you can easily spend, reinventing a space, but we think that we've found some brilliant ways to update a living room, for exactly this amount – if not a little bit less! Ask any interior designer and they'll tell you that bargain decorating can look fantastically high-end, if you choose the right items, and today, we're going to tell you what they are! Come with us now and see how £100 could absolutely upgrade your living room and then think about raiding your piggy bank!

1. Add some well-chosen soft furnishings.

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£100 will buy some some gorgeous cushions and maybe even a foot stool or two as well. Stick to natural materials for a high-end look and consider some piquant colour as an accent as well.

2. Add some picture ledges.

Instead of hanging your art on the walls, invest in some cheap as chips picture ledges for more of a gallery feel. Match them to your wall colour and you'll have a really sophisticated display.

3. Start a collection.

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Moroccan Tiles


If you have sideboards in your living room already, why not use them to display a burgeoning collection of something? A pretty display of curated pieces always creates an easy and beautiful focal point and you can pick anything, from cacti through to hand-blown glass pieces.

4. How about a dramatic wallpaper installation?

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Mountains and haze


The joy of a feature wall is that £100 is more than enough to buy a roll of even the most upmarket wallpaper. Simple to hang and instantly impactful, one wall of dramatic paper will totally change the look and feel of your room.

5. Build some alcove shelves.

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You don't need to be a master carpenter to knock up a few simple shelves that will fit in your alcoves, but the effect they have will be fantastic! From there, all you need are a few books and some pictures, which you probably already have!

6. Do something with an unused fireplace.

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In:Style Direct

Living room : Neutral tones

In:Style Direct

If you have a fireplace sitting bare and unused, you can turn it into a lovely feature, just with a few candles or even a floral display! For a more rustic look, driftwood could be the perfect material to use and all you need to do is stack it up in an interesting way!

7. Upcycle some furniture.

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Bhavin Taylor Design

Virginia Water Apartment – Surrey

Bhavin Taylor Design

Don't go buying new furniture for your living room, if you have some nice pieces already! A simple coat of paint and a rudimentary upcycle will breathe new life into older items and make them work so well with a defined colour scheme.

8. Add a little extra storage.

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Feminine Touch


Keep your eyes peeled at car boot sales and in charity shops, for retro furniture that would add a new dimension of design to your living room. For £100, you could easily snap up a striking sideboard or a coffee table that will become a brilliant focal point.

9. Add something extra.

If you love your living room as it is, but just have a nagging feeling that there is something missing, you might just need a rug or a foot stool! You'll be shocked at what a difference a little something extra, in the centre of your room, will make!

For more living room tips, take a look at this Ideabook: Plants for living room spaces.


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