13 ideas for your home entrance

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13 ideas for your home entrance

Ritika Tiwari Ritika Tiwari
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Entrance or walkways are the first things that a visitor notices when they come to your house and this makes it all the more important for you to make your building's exterior look beautiful. Out of all the options that you can use to design your entrance opting for a modern looking floor layout is the most efficient.  

To help you understand this better here are 13 amazing ideas that can help you redesign your entrance floor.

1. Concrete walkway

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For those of you who are trying to make their main entrance look beautiful opting for a similar concrete walkway can be a good choice. You can incorporate two different sections one for cars to pass and the other as normal steps.

2. Floor LED lights

Installing LED lights in your floor can also be a great way of making the entire entrance look amazing. These lights are also waterproof which means you do not have to worry about excessive rain or water damage. 

3. Wooden walkway

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If you have a garden near your main entrance then opting for a similar looking wooden walkway is the best way to complement the look. This will also add a natural touch to your house.

4. Natural stone walkway

Дома в стиле кантри от Estudio Meraki Кантри

There are numerous natural stones available which can be used for creating a walkway for your house. These stones are available in different colours and designs making it easy for you to create a customised look.

5. Floor tiles

If you want a stone finish for your exterior walkway but are not willing to spend that much then opting for such floor tiles is highly recommended. These tiles are made out of cement but they have a stone like appearance.

6. White marble walkway

Дома в стиле модерн от Grupo Arsciniest Модерн Металл

For those of you who want to give their home a grand touch then adding white marble to your entrance walkway is a must. This will not only make your house look amazing but it will also make it look clean.

7. Red brick walkway

Casa em Itu Дома в стиле модерн от Mellani Fotografias Модерн

For creating a rustic looking entrance walkway using red bricks is another way to go. These bricks are easily available everywhere and are also appropriate to extreme climate.

8. Interlocking tiles

Another option that you can consider for creating your exterior walkway are these interlocking tiles. These tiles are available in numerous shapes and are very easy to layout as they do not need any bonding solution.

9. Sandstone tiles

Such sandstone tiles are also a great option when it comes to creating your entrance walkway especially if you receive a lot of rain around the year.

10. Grey cement tiles

If you do not want to incorporate any colours near your main entrance then opting for such grey cement tiles is also worth a shot. They can blend easily with any colour exterior decor.

11. Creative stone walkway

To create a walkway in between your garden opting for a similar creative layout is an excellent idea. The designer has used stone slabs to make a patterned walkway which makes the entrance stand out.

12. Wooden plank walkway

Дома в тропическом стиле от homify Тропический

Another great way to add a natural finish to your main entrance is by adding wooden planks. These planks are easily available and are also a cheap alternative for stones.

13. Wide concrete stairs

If you are considering to create a long walkway then opting for similar looking wide concrete stairs is the best way to cover the space. This will also give your entrance a unique look.

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