16 cosy and sunscreen-free terraces to get inspired from

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16 cosy and sunscreen-free terraces to get inspired from

Swapnil Kangankar- Homify Swapnil Kangankar- Homify
Бассейн в . Автор – MD WORK SRL,
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Outdoor terraces are one of the most highly desirable spaces that a lot of us would love to have in our houses. However, a lot of times, in spite of having nice outdoor spaces, or spaces with potential of being terraces, we are unable to make the most of out of them. A lot of this has to do with lack of ideas or not having the right expert advice.

Hence, in our article today, we are presenting to you 16 of our most favorite terrace spaces. Having a nice sheltered terrace not only gets you closer to the nature, but also allows to enjoy nature irrespective of how hot or rainy it might be outside. Do you want to know how you can transform your neglected outdoor space into a sleek and comfortable terrace? Read on further..

1. The terrace with comfortable lounge chairs perfect for an afternoon nap

Tерраса в . Автор – Escapefromsofa,

2. A terrace with a lovely exposed brick wall and a charming pergola

Tерраса в . Автор – Fabio Carria ,

3. A poolside terrace with lovely plants and outdoor furniture

4. A sleek terrace that is dominated by shades of white

5. A lovely terrace with wooden flooring and a charming pergola made from thin fabric

Бассейн в . Автор – MD WORK SRL,



6. A wonderful breakout space that allows you solace from the hustle and bustle of the surrounding streets

7. A terrace which extends as a part of the living room and allows it users beautiful outdoor views

8. An outdoor extention of the kitchen with a nice dining space that is covered with a flat roof

9. A rustic setting adorned with exposed bricks, wooden columns, and a sloping roof

Дома в . Автор – Hart Design and Construction ,
Hart Design and Construction

Timber framed extension

Hart Design and Construction

10. A terrace which is completely dominated by wooden boards

11. A charming terrace with a sleek pergola fabricated from bamboo, the bamboo railing too is particularly noteworthy

Tерраса в . Автор – MORADA CUATRO,

12. A lovely outdoor space that fits in perfectly in the narrow niche

Сады в . Автор – A360architects,

13. A terrace with beautiful indoor plants and comfortable outdoor furniture

Tерраса в . Автор – homify,

14. A sleek setting comprising of wooden elements and exposed brickwork

15. This high-end terrace is provided with comfortable lounge chairs that are positioned under a neatly covered space

16. A terrace with exquisite outdoor furniture that boasts a lively color palette

Летняя терраса в частном доме: Tерраса в . Автор – Sweet Home Design,
Sweet Home Design

Летняя терраса в частном доме

Sweet Home Design

Please read Outdoor floors—10 ideas for patios and terraces if you would like to know more about terrace design ideas.


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