TV storage ideas to take your living room up a gear

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TV storage ideas to take your living room up a gear

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Медиа комнаты в . Автор – Triplex Arquitetura, Кантри
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If you don't really like the idea of your television or entertainment technology being a standalone feature of your living room, you need to be thinking about installing an entertainment centre that really brings everything together! 

Interior designers are constantly looking for new and innovative ways to get technology grouped together, in aesthetically pleasing ways, and today, we're going to show you some of their success stories! Get ready to be blown away!

1. A splash of colour.

Медиа комнаты в . Автор – Style Within, Модерн
Style Within

TV Wall Unit

Style Within

This built-in bookshelf design has not only offered a stylish way to have all your media items in one place, the colourful television area also has a bonus feature in that the doors close, to hide the TV away, when not in use!

2. Not just for televisions!

 в современный. Автор – Symbol Audio, Модерн
Symbol Audio

Aero Audio and Entertainment

Symbol Audio

If you don't have a TV in your living room, you might be a music buff, which means you need something like this! What a way to make more of your record plater and vinyl collection, while staying stylish!

3. A retro touch.

Even retro homes can enjoy an entertainment centre in the living room, if you go all out! This curved design maintains the vintage vibe, while still offering practicality and amazing style. What a show-stopper!

4. Big and simple.

When you want a minimalist look, don't forget to include your entertainment centre in your endeavours! This large white and boxy installation maintains clean lines and a sleek finish but still manages to group everything together wonderfully.

5. Small but mighty.

Гостиная в . Автор – Style Within, Модерн
Style Within

TV hidden in alcove unit

Style Within

How sweet is this corner media station? Simple yet effective, if can look even neater, by closing the cabinet doors and hiding the television away completely! The pivoting screen is genius!

6. Full-width and fabulous.

Instead of simply having an entertainment centre in your living room, how about turning an entire wall into a media haven? Mount your TV on the wall and have a floating shelving system underneath for storage for a chic and modern look!

7. Use colour creatively.

Now THIS is media storage taken to the next level! There's no hiding or disguising this unit, but why would you want to, when the teal looks so pretty? We love the pegboard doors, which hide away mess and just leave the television on show and a few pretty belongings!

8. Gallery style.

Медиа комнаты в . Автор – PM Arquitetura, Лофт

Adding a few pictures and mirrors to the wall here has effectively camouflaged the television and with a sleek, contemporary storage unit mounted underneath, everything you need is within easy reach, yet subtle. All your games consoles could be easily tucked out of sight here!

9. Bold design.

This entertainment centre is lovely, as it's small, yet so effective and boldly stylish! The combination of dark wood and gloss black means that the television isn't an eyesore at all and that drawer would help you in your quest to never lose the remote again!

10. Off the beaten path.

Медиа комнаты в . Автор – homify, Минимализм МДФ

Who said that media storage has to be square? Not us, now that we've seen this amazing installation! The geometric wall boxes offer all the storage you need and actually makes a stunning feature of it too! Glass shelves make everything look as though it's floating!

11. Hidden in plain sight.

Now this is a deceptive but hella cool idea! On the face of it, you think the black wall-mounted shelving system is the only storage here, yet all of those wall panels could be opened up to offer even more! How great would that be for DVDs and vinyl organisation?

12. Perfect for a night in.

Медиа комнаты в . Автор – Alma em Design, Эклектичный

Can you spot the feature here that made us sit up and take notice? That's right, it's a drinks and snacks fridge! Wicker baskets make hiding clutter so easy, while the central entertainment section is sleek and unfussy, with all wires hidden from sight! We absolutely need a film night fridge in our living room now!

For more lovely living room inspiration, take a look at this Ideabook: Modern living room ideas.


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