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Don't forget about your little one

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Горошек, горошек, горошек!!! Sweet Hoome Interiors Детская комната в стиле модерн
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A home with small kids can quickly become a disaster zone if there are objects around the house that they can touch and there is no one to monitor movements when they are awake. As long as the child is an infant and seated in a bed or pram the house is safe from toys and food spilled and thrown around, but once the child becomes a toddler and starts running around the place every dangerous object should be kept out of reach. Children as toddlers have a tendency to touch and taste everything that they see so creating a safe environment is critical to protect them.

Children can get injured by the simplest of things like getting strangled by cords of window blinds, getting burnt by hot water and also falling downstairs.  Fire is another hazard that a small child is likely to injure itself from if there are hazardous objects like cigarette lighters, candles, matchboxes and other inflammable things within easy reach. Here are a fail proof measures that can protect your little child at home from mishaps and injuries.

Divide the space

Квартира для молодой семьи Giovani Design Studio Детская комнатa в стиле минимализм
Giovani Design Studio

Квартира для молодой семьи

Giovani Design Studio

As parents all of know how difficult it is to get a small child to eat and having a television is the biggest distraction to get a child to try out nutritious food that may not be much to its liking. But limiting a child’s fondness for television programs is essential for its healthy growth. To keep control on your child’s television and computer time ensure that all these gadgets are in a room where you can keep a watch over their activities.

This pretty nursery with pink color scheme has been neatly divided into a study cum play area where the little ones can play on the mat and watch television or do coloring or do their school projects on home laptop. Till the time children have grown into adulthood and are mature enough to understand difference between right and wrong it is best for parents to guide them against negative influence of this media.

Creating a place to play

 A home is the safest haven for a child but unfortunately everyday use objects that adults leave around the house can become life threating hazards for them. If your child is a toddler and below two years then an adult has to be next to it during all waking hours as a preventive measure. During this period a child is still not steady on its feet and requires constant attention to avoid tripping over things on the floor or dashing into things. The best way to keep your child engaged during these circumstances is to create a play area with its favorite toys.

Look at this well laid out play area with long train track and other toys to keep your child busy and amused. This section can be either in the nursery or any other room where someone can continuously keep an eye on the child. The pretty toy house and trucks can be used for make believe games with it.

Paint your walls with a blackboard painting

Дизайн загородного дома в п. Приветинское Design interior OLGA MUDRYAKOVA Детская комнатa в скандинавском стиле
Design interior OLGA MUDRYAKOVA

Дизайн загородного дома в п. Приветинское

Design interior OLGA MUDRYAKOVA

The biggest worry parents face with small children is their fondness for scribbling on walls, tables and every kind of surface they can reach. This problem can be sorted out if you make all the nursery walls with blackboard painting. Soft toned furnishings create a harmonious atmosphere around the child and also help you to relax in the knowledge that the child is safe. In a pretty nursery as such as an infant has enough space to run around and climb without any fear of hurting itself as the low sofa is barely a few inches above ground level.

By having a room with blackboard walls you can also start instilling discipline in the child by making it very clear that any form of board scribbling has to be limited to these walls. They can paint, draw or and stick all their favorite posters and stickers on this.  The attractive baby furniture is made from lightweight plastic and will not hurt the child even when it falls.

Being safe at home: what is best to avoid in your furniture

Furniture in a child’s room should be free from toxic paint as infants have a tendency to taste everything at sight once the start venturing out of the crib. If you have sofas, chairs, tables and stools with sharp curved corners then pad them with paper and cello tape so that the child does not get injured. All open fire places within the house should be closed firmly with a grate and avoid having window seats near windows that do not have bars.

This pretty all wood nursery made in rustic style is free from all kinds of toxic paints and materials that could possibly be harmful to children. Pretty sofas upholstered in velvet do not have any sharp edges and the windows have bars. Instead of having a standard bunk bed that is open on all sides and can cause a careless child to fall off at night this bed built like a rustic hut with sufficient space for both kids.

Floor and carpets: which is the best solution

Горошек, горошек, горошек!!! Sweet Hoome Interiors Детская комната в стиле модерн
Sweet Hoome Interiors

Горошек, горошек, горошек!!!

Sweet Hoome Interiors

As a little child spends a lot of its time on the floor playing with toys or simply walking around the house you can have both options for the child to get used to natural world as soon as possible. Several parents prefer to have wall to wall carpeting in the nursery for protection against falling and hurting themselves on hardwood floors. But there is always the worry of dust and small insects living under them that can cause skin infections and other issues.  The best solution under these circumstances is to use a combination of mats, carpets and open floor.

The nursery in this picture is an eclectic mix of simplicity and style and has carpet around the child’s bed and play area but the rest of the area has hardwood floor so the child gets the best of both worlds. Designed by Sweet Home Interiors this room is comfortable with blue, green and white color scheme and is given a gentle touch of warmth with brown carpet and hardwood floors.

Colours and materials

Selecting the right colour scheme for a child’s nursery can be helpful in their sleep patterns and mental growth. According to scientific studies about colour psychology soft paints and warm colours bring comfort and happiness to the mind while bold primary colours like red and yellow stimulate body and mind. This nursery has mixed several colours and shades together to get the best effect of colour therapy and design. The pale blue walls and roof create soothing atmosphere while subtle touches of brown around the room simulate warmth and coziness.

The large and aesthetically decorated bedroom with colourful coir mats on the floor brings spirit of fun into the area while standing out in direct contrast to dark wooden floor. Children always get stimulated by bright colours and here these have been added in the form of colourful cartoons on the walls that make the room more attractive.  

For more ideas on issues that should be kept in mind while designing children’s rooms refer to this ideabook.


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