Make the most of stone in your home

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Make the most of stone in your home

Miriam Damache Miriam Damache
Гостиницы в . Автор – Horton and Co , Азиатский
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When someone thinks of a stone wall or a house of stones, the first thing that springs to mind is how solid that house must be. The stoic allure and strength of this building material has been used throughout history to build impressive and solidified buildings or monuments. With a trace of antique and classic charm, walls made of stone can add a decorative edge to any home; the following inspirations will display just that.

Cottage style kitchen

Кухни в . Автор – Marcello Gavioli, Рустикальный

The image shown here is of a cottage style kitchen where all the details have been meticulously placed to offer country house feel. The cabinets have been constructed along the wall with antique doors that promote the cottage style of this kitchen. A beautiful back wall of an earthy light beige tone stands proudly in this charming kitchen and completes the old country house atmosphere of this kitchen.

Small bathroom

Ванные комнаты в . Автор – Pixcity, Средиземноморский

There is something quite charming and cosy about whitened stone walls. The porous and uneven layering of stones bring an air of tranquility to this bathroom. Even with the small amount of space available in this bathroom, it still seems to be roomy because adequate bright lighting has been installed in this room and a window helps let the natural sunlight stream through the bathroom.

Stone fireplace

When constructing a new house, there will not necessarily be stone walls built in it like in the olden days. There is a solution for that to offer to those who wish to have a stone influence in their home: a stone fireplace. The fireplace adds a certain sumptuous atmosphere to this living room. The stone fireplace is a statement piece that also cleverly works as a room separator.

Rustic living room

Гостиницы в . Автор – Horton and Co , Азиатский
Horton and Co

Beho Beho – Luxury Safari Lodge

Horton and Co

The captivating image shown here has much character and displays quite well the comfortable and inviting setting of this room. A series of light caramel tinted stones are layered on several walls and on the kitchen island. In the living room a unique and ingenious design is at play with the dried tree stalks that frame the stone work. These elements give much depth to this living room.

Charming dining room

Столовые комнаты в . Автор – Marcello Gavioli, Рустикальный

A pale beige stone wall serves as a supporting wall for the foundation of the house, but it also creates a cosy feel for this dining room. The same earthy tones are used with the three hanging wicker lamps and the solid dining room table. To spruce it all up, several merry coloured cushions have been placed along the bench of the table. This room is quite joyous and inviting.

Bathroom elegance

Ванные комнаты в . Автор – ARKITURA GmbH, Модерн

With much space available in a home, choosing a design for every room can be a challenge. Here is an example of an elongated bathroom that has been designed with the water element in mind by Die Hausmanufaktur. First off, the magnificent grey stone wall where the bathtub and the rain shower have been placed is a wonderful reminder of the stones found at the bottom of a lake or a river. Then, a furry and comfy cobalt blue carpet runs along in the middle of the room recreating the effect of a stream bustling through.


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