17 small toilets you should see before renovating yours

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17 small toilets you should see before renovating yours

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Ванная в стиле лофт от Espaces à Rêver Лофт
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Is it just us, or are houses getting smaller by the day? It certainly feels that way. 

As the space crunch intensifies, newly-built apartments and houses are having square metres shaved off, and bathrooms are often the rooms that suffer most. It's not uncommon to see a toilet, sink and shower crammed into a space of less than five metres square, with barely enough room to turn around.

This often makes decorating a problem. How can you beautify a room when you hardly even fit into it? Fixing up a tiny toilet can seem like an impossible task – but it's not. Check out these 17 bathrooms for inspiration and be amazed by what you can do with a little ingenuity…

1. Vintage floor tiles and a splash of bright blue hearken back to eras past

The colours and patterns lend this small bathroom a touch of class.

2. Black and white sobriety

Ванная комната в стиле модерн от Marion Rocher Модерн

This monochrome bathroom uses glittering black tiles and simple white fittings to create a sober yet stylish vibe in a very small space.

3. Open up the space with brightness and clarity

This bathroom seems more spacious because of the great clarity in the design scheme – the professionals are clearly experts at this sort of work! This feeling of spaciousness is enhanced by the clear shower screen and crisp white walls.

4. Geometric details on the bathroom floor

A little detail can go a long way. This geometric tile floor is interesting but not overwhelming.

5. An industrial brick wall painted white

Ванная комната в стиле модерн от Atelier Grey Модерн

Take inspiration from New York lofts and strip those walls until they're bare. Then, paint everything white to increase the illusion of space. This is a surefire way to make a small space look contemporary and roomy.

6. Pops of green add a new point of interest

This shamrock-coloured bathroom unit breaks up the all-white minimalism of the room, adding personality without dominating the space.

7. An organically designed curve

Don't fall into the trap of keeping everything neat and straight – small bathrooms can withstand a bit of creativity! Play with soft curves and juxtapose them with strong lines to create a truly unique bathroom.

8. Two separate environments

If you have a little bit of space and the budget to spare, try building a small partition wall between the shower and the sink to create delineation and the illusion of a bigger room.

9. An attic with a sloping roof

The wooden structure and the neutral colours of this bathroom create a very relaxing atmosphere – perfect for kicking back after a long, hard day at work.

10. Colourful upholstered walls

This wallpaper adds drama and intrigue to this small bathroom without making it look cramped.

11. The use of ceramic tiling is an interesting detail

Ванная в средиземноморском стиле от Marcello Gavioli Средиземноморский

Pastel squares make this bathroom look calm and contemporary. We especially love how the tiles match the towels and baskets on the shelves!

12. Grey curtains to match a neutral space

This is a bathroom with a visual connection to the garden outside – a good thing until you need some privacy! Thankfully, these soft grey curtains can be easily pulled shut to keep prying peepers at bay.

13. White carpets on a wooden floor

Ванная комната в рустикальном стиле от homify Рустикальный

Who would have thought that a simple bathmat could make such a difference? Choose quality over quantity, and invest wisely in luxurious textiles for your small bathroom.

14. A compact solution in a small bathroom

Ванная комната в стиле модерн от blackStones Модерн

This quirky sink and mirror set up is reminiscent of a Wes Anderson movie, and is the ideal solution for a bathroom that lacks space.

15. Cheery colours on the bathroom wall

The colours on the wall behind the sink are a cheerful medley of orange and coffee tones. They keep this small bathroom looking bright and zingy, and are terrifically modern in design. If tiles are too expensive, why not look for similar tile decals?

16. A design on the wall and baskets on the shelf

This artisanal wall looks crisp and fresh. Greek-inspired colours and patterns always work well in small spaces!

17. Cherry red walls

This is a colour that is rarely seen in bathrooms – especially if they are small! However, it is an effective way of making the space look both cosy and modern, without impacting the design and layout of the room as a whole. Dare to be a little different with the colours you use, and be amazed by the results!

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