Modern ideas for your home entrance

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Modern ideas for your home entrance

Leigh Leigh
Окна в . Автор – Timberplan, Модерн
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It's time to pay attention to the main entrance of your house, because as we at homify have told you countless times, it's the first thing that visitors will see! You want it to inspire and delight, while giving guests a little taste of your decorative style. 

With modern trends, there are so many options for a contemporary entrance that packs a punch. What's more is that you can use doors and gates to really give this space a modern touch. Functional items are your best friends when it comes to design and decor!

To show you just how much potential your entrance holds for stunning design, we have put together 15 doors and gates to give your entrance a modern touch.

We are certain you will find at least one or two images that will inspire!

1. Prevent entry without blocking the view

Security is essential, especially for a South African home, but this doesn't mean you need to compromise on beauty and style.

Here we can see how a trendy gate plays with lines and space, creating a unique and edgy look. It also sparks a touch of curiosity!

2. With wood, you can't go wrong

When in doubt, opt for wood. It suits every style, from rustic to Scandinavian.

What more could you want for a first impression?

3. Is it one big door or two small doors?

Входные двери в . Автор – Gantous Arquitectos, Модерн

Your front entrance can look incredibly warm and welcoming if you make it look like a front door, welcoming visitors in. 

4. Black can be a good place to start

Elegance is demonstrated flawlessly with this black gate design. Its modernity takes your breath away!

5. A gate that rotates 90 degrees

This is a very simple design but it certainly dazzles. The modern avante-garde door features a touch of innovative with it's 90 degree rotation.

Remember that the beauty is in the details!

6. A simple door with a spectacular setting

Окна в . Автор – homify, Модерн

This wooden door used geometric lines to achieve a very sophisticated look and feel. Do you see how two large green pots have been used to add trend and style to the design?

7. Everything has a modern balance

For modern style, it is very important to achieve a visual balance. Here we can see how the black and white tones work in harmony with one another.

8. It's all about the structure

Окна в . Автор – BLOS Arquitectos, Модерн Медь / Бронза / Латунь

The materials that you use for the structure of your door can be as stylish as they are functional.

This example by architects BLOG shows just how trendy functional materials can be!

9. Few details but lots of presence

Окна в . Автор – Aureo Arquitectura, Модерн
Aureo Arquitectura

Casa Caro & Emi

Aureo Arquitectura

You don't need to put lots of ornaments on your door to make it unique. Remember that sometimes less is truly more.

10. A pattern that attracts

You can have a gate with neutral tones, but you can add unique shapes and patterns to draw attention. Your visitors will do a double take!

11. With great presence and solidity

Окна в . Автор – Timberplan, Модерн

This front door is functional and secure, but the solid appearance is also quite striking! Opt for silver for a futuristic look and feel.

12. A beautiful combination

Remember that your front door or gate needs to integrate with your facade. In this design, we can see how the grey facade works in harmony with the light wooden door, creating a beautiful little entrance nook.

13. A gate with a lot of colour

Окна в . Автор – homify, Модерн

If your facade needs a colourful contrast, don't think twice about it using your gate or door to introduce some vibrancy.

14. A door that enhances the surrounds

Sometimes we can't control the dimensions of the front door but we can control the look and feel. Here we can see how the stone walls and wooden door work in harmony with the beautiful garden that surrounds the home, creating a natural and refreshing first impression.

15. All of the elegance

Окна в . Автор – Stronghold Security Doors, Модерн

Finally, why not use a combination of black and white for a simple and elegant look and feel.

Also have a look at these 7 impressive ideas for your entrance.


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