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7 decor ideas for achieving that chic Asian style for your home

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Buseck Architekten Дома в азиатском стиле
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Let Asia take over your home! Did you know that the so-called Asian continent is comprised of more than 48 independent countries with diversified and rich cultures? From Saudi Arabia, Lebanon, Turkey, India, to China, Korea, Thailand, Indonesia and a whole lot more, we can see how various house designs mirror their different ways of life. So when we think of having Asian decor in the house, we look first for some of these most popular cultures and we focus on it.

In this ideabook, we’ll share with you the essentials which you can include into your own home – in every part of your house! In Asian-themed décor, we can see that traditions are boldly embodied and signified. Colors are not just used for aesthetic purposes, but each color represents something important in life, culture or religion. So take this opportunity to get to know the style and adapt it to your taste and your home.

What is Asian style?

As we mentioned earlier, Asia comprises more than 48 countries with different backgrounds and people and with such diversity, we cannot tackle each one in this ideabook alone. That is why we are going to briefly touch the theme of the most well-known styles in the West such as the style of decoration in China, Korea, Japan, Thailand, Bali, India and Taiwan. We will share some of its most relevant features that can help you define whether or not you let the Asian influence in your home decor.

The Asian style in the room

If you want a traditional Chinese decoration, fill your house with furniture in red and gold colors. Red in different tones is considered good luck and dark coffee cannot be missing. However in the Korean style, the furniture is somewhat modern and basically comfortable such as armchairs with strong colored cushions. If you prefer the Japanese trend, you can use the gray walls in bamboo designs in the living room or mixed shades of bright colors like yellow, light green, pink or blue. While in Taiwan, gray-colored walls is a widely used option coupled with simple yet comfortable furniture.

Few or many elements

This is a tricky one. It depends on which country you inspire, if you will include few or much furniture. In this room for example, the influence of the islands is present, with the furniture woven in vegetable fiber and multicolored cushions; lamps and tapestries give a motley Bali scene. Even the sand colors are present in their different tones.

Asian style in the bedroom

Дом в вьетнамском стиле Студия дизайна 'New Art' Спальня в азиатском стиле
Студия дизайна <q>New Art</q>

Дом в вьетнамском стиле

Студия дизайна "New Art"

In the Korean-inspired bedroom, you will have a slightly elevated bed with a large headboard. In a Japanese women's bedroom, the shade of pink is frequently seen with prints on the wall; the shade bluish gray, on the other hand, is the man's predominant room color then matched with contrasting hues of furniture. In Bali, the colors they use are the neutral ones like white, cream and earth colors that contrast with the strong dark coffee, using much wood also in that tone.


House2home Спальня в азиатском стиле

In this image of an Asian-style bedroom, the color of the raw silk, embossed, gives a very special touch to this back wall of the bed. The stamping of silk is the stylization of a typical Asian design, with the small drawers on each side of the bed completing the set. The sheets have a very simple geometric print. The simplicity and at the same time the fabulous design of the wall, framed by dark wood, make this bedroom look homey and elegant.

Asian style in the bathroom

Дом в вьетнамском стиле Студия дизайна 'New Art' Ванная в азиатском стиле
Студия дизайна <q>New Art</q>

Дом в вьетнамском стиле

Студия дизайна "New Art"

The dark wood and the walls coated with small tiles give a special shine to the walls. The use of large mirror in the corner of the room gives depth and clarity where the dark wood reigns. The white color as contrast in ceramic pieces is part of the combination of neutral colors that reaches those ends. The work of turning the bases of the countertop where the sink rests, and its almost black color prints a very particular style to this bathroom.

If this bath had been made in Bali the wood of the same dark color was very carved and also covering the walls in combination with neutral colors such as white, cream and earth. If instead of Bali outside of India the furniture was carved with folk or animal designs. As you can see there are many designs that you can have in your house defining what you prefer and studying a little more in depth the style that suits you and that is more in tune with your tastes and character.

Asian style at the entrance

Kolory Maroka Коридор, прихожая и лестница в азиатском стиле Плитка Зеленый

The wall with designs of plants and the table of simple receipt and turned wood, a welcome for the one that arrives with austerity but elegance. It looks like a Taiwanese design where simple and elegant furniture predominates. The ocher color and dark brown are the ones that stand out in this style. The receipt in Indian style had the colors of the species that they use so much in their kitchen: golden, red, green and blue natural combining them with neutral colors and very carved furniture.

Asian style in the garden

You cannot miss the image of Buddha in an Asian-themed garden… and all other garden essentials: small Chinese pagodas, ponds with goldfish and lotus plants with their wonderful flowers. The Bonsai, popular miniature of trees, is a must in every Chinese, Japanese or Korean garden. In some Japanese gardens, a koi fish pond is also present. The most used flowers in Thailand, which seems strange, are the onion flowers… yes, the same onions that you use for your carnitas. Just plant some onions and enjoy their flowers!

Enjoy your Asian-style home!

Having a wide variety of styles within the Asian culture shows how large and diverse the world of design is. Get involved and expand your knowledge starting from here, to get the style that you like and apply it to that Asian corner specially decorated by you.


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