Top 5: from 6 houses that don't follow conventions to 20 ideas to make your TV area look spectacular

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Top 5: from 6 houses that don't follow conventions to 20 ideas to make your TV area look spectacular

Camila Boschiero – homify Camila Boschiero – homify
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Another week has gone by and we here at homify have selected the most popular articles voted by you. We start at the top with 6 houses that don't follow conventions, onto 10 of the most beautiful bedrooms ever,  what follows next is: 8 practical ideas that work in any kitchen, our personal favorite: The most annoying things guests do in your home and finish with the cherry on top: 20 ideas to make your TV area look spectacular. You can't really miss out… Shall we? 

1.) 6 houses that don't follow conventions.

If you thought that houses were basically all the same, shame on you! With so many amazingly talented architects out there, it should come as no surprise that houses are consistently being built to challenge and refresh the norms that are in place. From ultra contemporary box homes through to rustic villas, there are no limitations, except your imagination, so let's take a look at what people around the world have been creating!

To read the article, click here

2.) 10 of the most beautiful bedrooms ever (copy them now!)

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Bloomint design


Bloomint design

It's really a catch-22—if you make your bedroom too beautiful and comfortable, there's a fear that productivity will be lost as you'll want to be in bed all day. At the same time, the rest of our home is often decorated according to the reception that it'll give people, the bedroom is the last place of privacy and solace. 

With that being said, bedrooms should be beautiful, comfortable and promote relaxation and efficiency. If you have a great place to start and end your day, everyday, then your quality of life will be much better and brighter for years to come. Below we have compiled the ten most beautiful bedrooms that you should try to copy, immediately. They range in style, color and size, just like your home ranges in these items as well! Get inspired! Click here for full article. 

3.) 8 practical ideas that work in any kitchen

If you like your kitchen as it is, but fancy adding some extra touches that will make it unbelievably special, then this is the article for you! We've taken a look at what some of the fabulously talented kitchen planners out there have been creating and we think we've cherry-picked all the best ideas to let you in on today! We know we should keep these secrets to ourselves, but we can't help it; we have to tell you! From fantastic feature wall inspiration through to sneaky ways to hang your saucepans, we've got you covered, so let's take a look! Click here.

4.) The most annoying things guests do in your home

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London Building Renovation

Single Storey Extension, Roxborough Rd II

London Building Renovation

We can feel ourselves getting steamed up already just thinking about nightmare guests from hell we've had in our homes. Nevertheless, regardless of how annoyed we might get, we need to get you genned up on what the most annoying guest traits are so you can tackle them! 

The last thing you need is someone in your home who doesn't understand the meaning of bathroom courtesy or shows a flagrant disregard for all of your interior designer's hard work. Read on and arm yourself before your next visitors arrive with our top no-nos for house guests…  

To read the full article, click here

5.) 20 ideas to make your TV area look spectacular

We know that having a television isn't the best in terms of living room design, but if you do have one, you want to make the surrounding area as stylish, comfortable and beautiful as possible, so we are here to help with that today! Interior designers are adept at making TV areas look and feel amazing, so we've taken note of some of the ways that they incorporate technology into home design and are going to let you in on all their secrets today! If you've been planning a living room revamp, don't commit to anything until you've seen these fantastic projects! Click here to read the article. 


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