7 pictures of homes that are very cheap

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7 pictures of homes that are very cheap

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Having a big house or apartment may be on your mind when visiting Homify. Thanks to the construction sector, which is gaining popularity and getting technological advancement, economic structural options are readily available. The most common is a modular building system. Steel and wood are elements in a prefabricated modular structure wherein they act as parts of a whole like a lego. It is the main ingredient that can be moved, from factories and fields, and they produced much more economically with reinforced concrete. Just as in the traditional architecture, modular structure of production is conducted in accordance with the user's request. It adheres to all the techniques that apply to issues such as heat and sound insulation. In the idea book, we offer small and economical model homes. 

1. The single storey modern building

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Вид 1


The simple structure of this house is one of the finest examples of modern architecture. It is usually preferred because it is convenient and affordable. The aluminum-titanium roof with steel structure and dense filling of concrete of house will surely amaze everyone.

2. The forest house

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If you are looking for a home in the mountain to escape from the city, you can enjoy this wooden house. Even with a small land, you can easily install small wooden modules.

3. A large wooden house

Shingle roofing, solid wood flooring, and honey colored walls, this features of this house are beautiful and quite interesting. Anyone who sees this house will surely dream about it. And they will definitely love the interior of this house as well.

4. Bungalow

 Wooden bungalows are mainly used as a holiday home. But it can be very practical as well because it is designed to have the same comfort and luxury of a stone and concrete apartment.

5. A combination of stone and concrete

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In this model, the two-story stone building wall used a combination of various features such as concrete and wooden roof. Tough and durable, you can definitely make this your house of choice.

6. Structural steel construction

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Modular homes are the most powerful and the most preferred types of steel construction. Its greatest advantage is the ultra-durable structures, which can remain intact for many years. Earthquakes, floods, and other disasters can withstand this new generation of construction.

7. A great module

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If you own land in the woods, talk to an architect or a modular construction company to get a detailed information before you build a house. City life is a problem that everyone wants to escape. Your vacation will be delightful in a house like this. This house is suitable for retirement as well.


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