​A Pretoria home with a stylish yet comfy interior

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​A Pretoria home with a stylish yet comfy interior

Johannes van Graan Johannes van Graan
Коммерческие помещения в . Автор – Visualize 3D, Модерн
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Today on homify 360°, we keep it local by checking up on a delightful little house in Pretoria – well, actually we are sneaking a peek at 3-dimensional renderings of a house designed by VISUALIZE 3D, a top-notch CGI company in Pretoria. 

Tasked with designing both exterior- and interior images for a new residential estate’s units, VISUALIZE 3D set out to show us (and the world) what they are capable of. Clearly these guys know the must-have elements when creating architectural visualisations to ensure a stylish and stunning end result.

But enough chatting, let’s see what they came up with!

Strong visual appeal

Коммерческие помещения в . Автор – Visualize 3D, Модерн

We just love the modern style oozing out of this creation – notice the strong lines, the neutral hues, the straightforward approach to design, and the delightful mixing of materials and textures (not too much, though) for some visual stimulation. 

Add to that a perfectly crafted garden, and this 3-dimensional rendering is starting to become more and more promising! 

Architects, gardeners, and much more – we have them all here on homify. See our professionals page for more info.

The front side

Коммерческие помещения в . Автор – Visualize 3D, Модерн

Although the front façade is not as open and alluring (or relaxing) as the rear area, it still flaunts all the right touches for a stunning and modern structure. Clad in snow white and adorned with a steel-grey ceiling, the house projects a strong monochrome look, allowing it to stand out beautifully amongst the fresh greens of the lawn and surrounding garden. 

And speaking of garden, notice how those perfect touches manage to spill over onto the front fence, coating parts of it in a lush and fresh hug of foliage. 

We certainly hope the real-life design copies this 3D rendering verbatim!

Elegant interiors

Коммерческие помещения в . Автор – Visualize 3D, Модерн

On to the interiors, which flaunt a cosy and quite sophisticated feel, enhanced by the sleek surfaces (notice the select décor pieces and furniture) and earthy colours. 

An open-plan delight combines the living room and kitchen into one space, and still leaves open enough room for a delicate little dining area way at the back right next to a window. You know what that means: dining with a view!

Another option

Коммерческие помещения в . Автор – Visualize 3D, Модерн

Now for a look at another choice in terms of interior layouts for this new estate. This one also flaunts a neat selection of light earthy tones, yet includes more natural light, thanks to numerous windows and glass doors (all styled up with modern design).

A plush L-seater sofa takes up adequate space in the living room corner, with the kitchen located only a hop and a skip away – perfect for entertaining a small crowd!

Now for something on a bigger (and more lavish) level; check out: This house is an indoor paradise (with loads of ideas to copy!)


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