10 cheap but fabulous kitchens

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10 cheap but fabulous kitchens

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Кухни в . Автор – Happyhomes, Минимализм
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Kitchens are unquestionably one of the busiest spaces in every home. For this reason, they are often some of the quickest to deteriorate and require revitalisation or refurbishment. However this costs money. A kitchen renovation or remodel can easily drift over budget and into the dangerous territory of overspending. However, with a little creativity the ideal cooking space can easily be created without breaking the bank.

Is your bank balance looking a little flat after the festive season? Today on homify we’re going to take a look at how you can update your kitchen without spending too much of your hard earned cash. We’ve got 10 cheap but fabulous cooking spaces that show a little ingenuity, creativity and small details are the key to radical change. Read on here to learn more!

1. A touch of nature

Adding indoor plants will instantly boost your kitchen’s welcoming aesthetic, and cost you next to nothing. As well as the foliage, this cooking space includes timber tones and veneer. This can also be retrofitted when refacing cabinets, adding a totally new look to the space, yet costing very little.

2. It’s the little differences

Small changes have a huge impact! This kitchen employs a bright red strip around the top of the wall, imparting creativity and energy to the space.

3. Get creative with paint

Кухни в . Автор – decodheure , Модерн

Paint is your greatest and least expensive tool for upgrading and updating your home. A lick of paint will transform any room in your house, but works particularly well in the kitchen, where you can refresh certain sections quickly and easily.

4. Go for exposed shelving

Кухни в . Автор – CA.ZA, Модерн

Exposed shelving can be built as an exciting weekend DIY project and added to your kitchen simply and easily. Find a tutorial on the Internet and try your hand at some domestic building work, or call the professionals and have your new shelves installed quickly and easily.

5. Fun and decorative vinyl

Less expensive than glass, tiles or stone, vinyl motifs or tile stickers can change the look of your kitchen, without breaking the bank.

6. Add some vintage tiles

Кухни в . Автор – homify, Колониальный Плитка

Vintage tiles are one-of-a-kind and impart a unique, original and creative aesthetic in your kitchen. If you don’t feel like tiling your splashback, why not DIY a new central island or table for your space?

7. A little burst of colour

When adding colour to your kitchen, add it in bursts. This will avoid an overpowering or intense atmosphere, while ensuring your cooking space is remains engaging and individual.

8. Simple and creative

Кухни в . Автор – Happyhomes, Минимализм Дерево Эффект древесины

We adore this cooking area, which includes a range of simple yet highly effective furniture. The joinery is basic, but works well with the added shelving and wire rack for utensils, pots and pans.

9. Utilise different textiles

Бирюза и кружева: Кухни в . Автор – Алёна Демшинова, Классический
Алёна Демшинова

Бирюза и кружева

Алёна Демшинова

Employ different textiles and hues that coordinate yet add character. This example shows us an unlikely light teal hue, which works surprisingly well with the patterned curtains and small stools.

10. Clutter bust and stay clean

A clutter free kitchen is inviting and promotes a sense of cleanliness, hygiene and sanitary vibes. Keep your space clear of mess and junk and you’ll find your cooking space will feel like a brand new room, without you even needing to spend a penny.

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