32 small yet modern bathrooms to copy

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32 small yet modern bathrooms to copy

Aqeelah Bawa-Osman Aqeelah Bawa-Osman
Ванная комната в стиле модерн от Studio Maggiore Architettura Модерн
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The bathroom is one of the most intimate rooms in the home, but that doesn’t mean that it shouldn’t look neat, tidy and elegant. There’s nothing more comforting after a long day at work than a sensational bathroom with all the luxurious and sophisticated amenities for your enjoyment.

However, bathrooms in old houses are often outdated, ugly and filled with patterned tiles and over the top colour schemes. In this feature, our bathroom designers have put together 32 amazing ideas that are sure to get add a fresh atmosphere and style to your interior. Neutral colours, excellent illumination and a practical layout are essential to getting the most out of your home and you’ll see how with these inspirational tips and tricks.

1. Small and simple

Cement tiles have become a gorgeous industrial inspired décor for a bathroom full of personality.

2. Chic and white

Ванная комната в стиле модерн от Tarimas de Autor Модерн

A comfortable bath tub and spacious shower make the environment unique and functional.

3. White and timber, a classic look

Wood and white are a pretty phenomenal combination.

4. We love the tile pattern and the slanting roof

Ванная комната в эклектичном стиле от Plastudio Эклектичный

A mirror along the skylight, how brilliant!

5. Keeping it simple but modern

The walls and furniture are a fantastic contrast.

6. Choose blue for a relaxing feel

Fresh and clean, light blue walls and white fixtures.

7. Another example of blue as a good choice

Take advantage of the length with a large shower.

8. Chic, Japanese style minimalism

Include some space-saving shelves.

9. Beautiful, Scandinavian style

Another example of white and wood furnishings.

10. This bathroom makes use of all the space it's got

Ванная комната в стиле минимализм от Formaementis Минимализм

Opt for some neutral walls.

11. Gorgeous, classic stone

Double sink with a difference, think masculine and feminine.

12. Geometric fun for a stylish but playful look

Hexagonal tiles behind the toilet.

13. Completely in touch with nature

A gorgeous glass shower.

14. Black keeps it chic

It’s daring and different and definitely not white.

15. Freestanding bath tubs are always a winner

Minimalist bath tub.

16. Big, open and flowing – beautiful

Ванная комната в стиле минимализм от IMAGO DESIGN Минимализм

Tempered glass bathroom cubicle.

17. It's all about aquamarine

The comfort of Mediterranean charm.

18. A hotel look

The dark hue of the cabinet and counter creates an elegant effect.

19. Total chic with a touch of childlike spirit on the window

Ванная комната в стиле модерн от QUADRASTUDIO Модерн

Floor level shower.

20. The stone wall is a beauty

Terrific wall texture.

21. Double sinks always has a classy feel

Ванная комната в стиле модерн от MOB ARCHITECTS Модерн

LED light behind the mirrors and central wall.

22. Choosing a single colour for accents, like green, creates a feeling of unity

A large central mirror.

23. Cramped but cute and pretty

Wonderful warm tones. 

24. Mixed materials for a lively look

Ванная комната в стиле модерн от MOB ARCHITECTS Модерн

Wall texture and teak wood shower.

25. All class

Ванная комната в стиле минимализм от bdastudio Минимализм

Glamourous chandelier.

26. A flowing feeling

A glass panel that turns the tub into a shower.

27. A princess' abode

Ванная в классическом стиле от archbcstudio Классический

A classic touch.

28. A little bit Parisian

Ванная в классическом стиле от 02A Studio Классический Керамика

Vintage inspired with cement tiles.

29. With different cultural and stylistic influences, this bathroom is sure to impress

Ванная комната в рустикальном стиле от Fabio Carria Рустикальный

Ethnicity and artwork.

30. Wood and stone creates a true sense of class and breath-ability

Extensive wood features.

31. Cool and simple – check the storage

Eclectic basin shape.

32. Inside the bathroom of a queen – effortless class

Rustic and attractive bath tub and shower. Here are 15 fabulous small bathrooms not to be missed to inspire you!


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