7 mistakes that can be easily avoided in your home

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7 mistakes that can be easily avoided in your home

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Furnishing and decorating your home is an exciting and rewarding experience, filled with opportunities to make a space all your own and building rooms for comfort. Sometimes, however, we have to be mindful of principles of good design and avoid decoration pitfalls in order to get the home we want. None of us are perfect, but there are small mistakes we can avoid making if only we knew what they were. That's just why we at homify are here to help! 

We've identified seven mistakes that so many of us are making in our homes which, admittedly, aren't huge clanging errors, but do leave our spaces looking less perfectly put together than we might like. In the interest of full disclosure, we have been making some of these ourselves, but now we're getting to grips with them and want you to have the opportunity to do the same. Complete your home furnishings to interior designer standards by taking a look at these mistakes and rectifying any you're making today. Let's jump in!

1. Airing dirty laundry

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Placing the washing machine for everyone to see in your bathroom is an easy mistake. It's a natural location for a washing machine, but a beautiful bathroom can look a bit of a mess if your machine is out in the open. There is a simple solution though… pop a door on the front of it!

2. Skimping on worktop space in the kitchen

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Even if your kitchen is finished and you can't add any extra workspace, you can free up what you do have by maintaining a clear counter. 

Stow away appliances and remove clutter, and you'll suddenly have so much more space to cook on.

3. A sofa that's too big for the living room

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A huge sofa that envelops you as soon as you sit down is the dream, however, you need to think proportionally, especially in a smaller space. 

You can still have something wonderfully comfortable but scale back the size so you can navigate the room easily.

4. A too-bright bedroom

Bright crimson might seem like a tempting choice for your bedroom walls, but it's hardly a restful shade. We can only imagine the types of dreams you'd have! 

Choose fresh, neutral shades to capture the restful ambience a bedroom needs.

5. Too many beds

You don't need to reduce the number of beds (or children!) you have, but by choosing clever furniture, you can free up more bedroom space.

Bunk and cabin beds make for fantastic space-saving solutions in a full-to-bursting family home.

6. Letting clutter shrink your space

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You might have fallen into the trap of being so keen to get your house looking like a home, you simply installed a huge amount of furniture and belongings that make your property feel a lot smaller. 

Scale back and choose simple but effective pieces that offer as much storage as you need.  Remember, less really is more!

7. An unfurnished patio

If you're fortunate enough to have a patio, don't leave it languishing out in the cold! 

Add some simple and elegant dining furniture to access its full potential and you'll effectively add an extra room to your home. A parasol will give you even more functional space, as in rain or shine, you can still sit out there. 

This list showed us small mistakes that, if corrected, can make a big difference. If you've only started and am ready to take on more, see these 21 ideas to renovate your home with very little effort.


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