7 ways to make your bedroom effortlessly chic

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7 ways to make your bedroom effortlessly chic

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If you've ever seen a beautiful bedroom that you'd just love to copy in your own home, but you're worried it would be too expensive, then worry no more. It's actually surprisingly easy to get your bedroom looking chic and fashionable without having to spend a lot of money or commit too much time, and we're going to show you how.

Getting a chic bedroom is all about taste and refinement. It's about creating a sense of luxury and opulence, without going too over the top. Because of the expertise of our homify professionals, the bedrooms we're going to take a look at today strike that balance effortlessly, but by using the tips in today's article, you too can achieve exactly the same look. There's lots of different things to consider, bed linens, lighting, decoration, and we're going to cover them all, so we better get started!

1. Elegance in simplicity

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Sometimes it's all about what you leave out of the decor rather than what you put in. It's important not to overdo the decorations, and instead include a few tasteful pieces such as the trendy artwork above the bed that taps into the red colour palette used for the curtains and bed linens. This ties the room together with simple elegance, and it has all the more impact because there is nothing else to distract from it.

2. A four poster bed

Спальни в . Автор – Engel & Völkers Bodrum, Модерн
Engel & Völkers Bodrum

Engel & Völkers Bodrum

Engel & Völkers Bodrum

There's nothing more chic than a four poster bed, so we highly suggest getting one for your own room! You don't necessarily have to get a new bed, although there are a lot of great options available, you can simply alter your own bed. 

The romance of hanging curtains around the bed to give the space extra intimacy will give your bedroom a personal touch and completely change the mood of the room.

3. Vintage furniture

Vintage furniture will give your room class and sophistication, and it's so easy. If you're feeling flush then it's worth going to an antique store to pick out something really nice, but if you want to do it on the cheap it's as simple as heading to a second hand store to find a piece you like, and then restoring it. 

The desk and bedside tables really complete this room, and give it a quaint charm that can't be beat!

4. Luxurious linens

One sure way to get your bedroom looking chic is to pile your bed with blankets, duvets, and luxurious sheets. This is one part of the decor where you shouldn't hold back, just lavish your bed with linens for full comfort and opulence. We should note that it's important the colours match, either by going monochromatic or using complementary colours.

5. Chandeliers

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Chandeliers look amazing in any room of the home, but having one in your bedroom is a really special way to imbue your personal space with regal splendour.

6. An elegant colour palette

Таунхаус в г.Краснодар: Спальни в . Автор – Design Studio Details, Эклектичный
Design Studio Details

Таунхаус в г.Краснодар

Design Studio Details

Choosing a truly chic colour palette is crucial, and it's not as hard as you might think. The key is to use a refined and sombre palette, nothing too bright or gaudy. Royal colours like these purple cushions and burgundy curtains looks amazing, especially against those gorgeous hardwood floors, and mature reds will also look great. 

Once you've chosen your colour palette use the feature colours sparingly on a neutral base of white or grey, and your room will look fashionable and tasteful.

7. Complementary furniture

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A chic bedroom should be a place you can retire at night to drink a cocktail and read your favourite book, so make sure there's plenty of comfortable furniture around, like this stunning ottoman that matches the bed, and the chair by the window. It's important that the pieces match the decor, but even more important that it makes every moment in your bedroom feel like a treat.

It's so easy to get your bedroom looking chic, and you totally deserve it! For more handy home decorating tips, head over here!


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