Home Decorating Ideas: 24 ways to decorate without spending a dime!

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Home Decorating Ideas: 24 ways to decorate without spending a dime!

Barbara Ivusic Barbara Ivusic
 в . Автор – homify,
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Are you planning to redecorate your home but do not want to hire interior decorators to do it or you simply don't have a big budget? Then you can not miss this article in which we will give you 24 marvelous ideas to change the decor of your home without spending a dime. 

Sometimes we change certain elements to give our home a breath of fresh air; and sometimes it only takes a little bit of originality and a few DIY ideas to completely change the look of our home. Getting your hands on some recycled materials is always pretty fun, so come and take a look at what you can do by using the usual and the unusual to redecorate your home!

1. Decorating with pallets.

 в . Автор – Planforêt,

If you have wooden boards or pallets, you can see here just how versatile they can be. You can use it as a coffee table, TV stand, built-in cabinet or anything your imagination desires in fact! You are working from home? What about a desk made of pallets?

2. The old car.

Гостиная в . Автор – homify,

If you love vintage stuff, you'll love how this old car has been put to use or re-use. If your friend has an old car like this, you can recycle the parts and turn them into furniture. Its a sensational look that will excite anyone that comes into your home.  

3. Make the most of old tires.

Tерраса в . Автор – Eurekaa,

This idea is great! Do not get rid of old or flat tires, you can use wicker to create a circular table like this to keep your terrace looking modern and unique.

4. Change your furniture around.

It's pretty boring to always have your furniture in the same location. That is why you can change your furniture around a little to give some novelty to the look of your home. Be creative when rearranging the furniture and accessories in your home environment.

5. Decorate with old crockery.

Дизайн частного дома в поселке закрытого типа. Anarchi&И.Мальцев: Кухни в . Автор – AnARCHI,

Дизайн частного дома в поселке закрытого типа. Anarchi&И.Мальцев


It is normal that with the passing of the years, our china becomes old or cracked and we have to renew it, but you do not have to throw it away. Why not use it as decoration as in this example?

6. Vases or jars.

Балкон, веранда и терраса в . Автор – Lore Arquitetura,

If you have a pitcher which is no longer in use, why not use it as a vase for some fresh flowers. You can do this with any decorative jar to bring some color into your home!

7. Beverage cans as vases.

Сад  в . Автор – fair-art Steffen Karol,

If you have some cans or bottles lying around, why not use them to pot some plants in, or as vases for your fresh flowers. 

8. Another cool jar.

Столовые комнаты в . Автор – homify,

These glass jars are very cool for candles or flowers. You can use both candles and jars to decorate with some new looks and fresh scents.

9. Lamps with bottles.

Create an original lamp with jars or bottles. Best of all is that you can always use different colors too. Super original and funky!

10. Order your books and magazines in color clusters!

Гостиная в . Автор – dziurdziaprojekt,

A great way to decorate your wall is by using your bookshelf as a decorative piece. Order your books or magazines in clusters of color and see what an amazing look it gives your whole room!

11. Create a shelf with cardboard boxes.

Домашнее хозяйство  в . Автор – PAPERPOP,

Be creative with shelves. You can use recyclable materials such as cardboard boxes, pallets, wood, plastic boxes, etc. Paste three or four large boxes together with a hot glue gun and you are on your way. 

12. Funky ladders.

Спальни в . Автор – dmesure,

If you have an old and forgotten ladder, you can take it to your bedroom or study and use it as some pretty vintage decor on which you can place your books, purses or coats. 

13. Create a table with books.

If there are old books that you no longer read but you don't want to get rid off, then why not make a table with them. Our experts recommend removing the inside pages and placing sheets of plywood inside them for extra strength and support. What an effect! 

14. Re-use those old picture frames.

Прихожая, коридор и лестницы в . Автор – Studiod3sign,

If you have old picture frames at home that went out of fashion then why not use them to harmonize your decor. You can place fresh new pictures into them or be very original with photographs! This is how you can decorate your home with a very personal touch.

15. Beautiful blankets for the couch.

Стены и пол в . Автор – Creativespace,

To give your room a new look, choose a cool new blanket. Work with contrasting colors and textures to create a cozy new look to your living room.

16. Unique cushions.

Гостиная в . Автор – House Envy,
House Envy

Cosy Home

House Envy

The cushions in your living room or bedroom are great decorative pieces to use in order to renew the look of your rooms. If you love crafts and you have some old material lying around, you can also make a cushion out of that so that you add your very own personal touch.

17. Hang your wheels.

Столовые комнаты в . Автор – homify,

There are definitely elements that look great on the wall as decoration, and in the case of bicycles, skateboards or skates, among others. 

18. Practical hangers.

Домашнее хозяйство  в . Автор – Natural Urbano,

Hangers are needed in every home for towels, keys, pots, or hanging some food. So you can use a thick wood or metal and embed it in a good location on your wall.

19. Make an old pot into a new fireplace.

Сады в . Автор – Lightinox,

With the passage of time pots tend to deteriorate, but instead of getting rid of them you can reuse the largest and make it into a fabulous fireplace.  

20. Renew your terrace with some pots

You can paint your old pots white as well as the old coat rack. You can also use old buckets and turn them into pots by drilling a few holes in them. Plants are a great way to rejuvenate your outdoor spaces. 

21. Use your Christmas lights on the terrace.

Tерраса в . Автор – Cannata&Partners Lighting Design,
Cannata&Partners Lighting Design

Private Villa in French Riviera

Cannata&Partners Lighting Design

Your deck will look amazing at night if you get your Christmas lights and install them on your trees and walls, creating an original cozy romantic effect. 

22. A trunk for storage

Столовые комнаты в . Автор – The Cotswold Company,
The Cotswold Company

Appleby Oak Wide Ottoman Box

The Cotswold Company

Often we do not have enough space in our closets and drawers to store our stuff, so you can always use an old trunk as a pace to store. Incidentally it will also give your room that vintage look!

23. Suitcase nightstands.

Спальни в . Автор – homify,

If you don't want to spend money on fancy night stands, you can always use a couple of old suitcases to create cool tables to accompany your bed and bring your decor to a whole new level. 

24. Use logs as natural tables.

Домашнее хозяйство  в . Автор – MADERA,

There is no better element for decorating than wood. It is aesthetic, sturdy, durable, goes with any environment and decor, and gives warmth. These large wooden logs are perfect for a coffee table or stand in your favorite corner.


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