21 ideas for your home's entrance

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21 ideas for your home's entrance

J. Utah – homify J. Utah – homify
Коридор и прихожая в . Автор – Mohamed Keilani Architect, Средиземноморский
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An entrance hall is the first space visitors experience when they visit your home; reason enough to give this area priority! Many people decide to revamp their entrance hall with new colours, or tasteful touches such as a chandelier, table or chairs. Others opt to include ornaments, rugs, books and exotic memorabilia. How would you accomplish this? Well, imagine your hall is just a narrow corridor. Now imagine it is a larger sized welcoming room of its own. What ideas do you think would work? Today we 're offering 21 inspiring examples sure to make a memorable first impression!

1. Entrance with bespoke furniture and space-saving mirrored alcoves

2. Living area with a curved partition bedroom wall

You're probably going to need an architect to design and construct a curving wall like this.

3. Hall with wooden stairs and classic wall panels in white

Looking for more hallway ideas? We have them!

4. Separate your entrance from the kitchen using sliding doors

5. A bright and well-lit entry-corridor promoting space

Even more examples of stylish entrance halls can be found here.

6. A narrow corridor with false ceiling and lighting panels leads you effortlessly inside

Note the elongated pictures on the wall stretching all the way down the corridor.

7. Integrating a hall and mini library with the kitchen

Коридор и прихожая в . Автор – MIROarchitetti, Модерн

8. Frames and photographs for an artistic theme

9. Sectioned smart entry with coat rack and lower cupboard

10. Classical-modern entrance combining a mahogany desk and cosmopolitan neon sign

11. Entrance with eclectic antique furniture, mirrors and plants

Коридор и прихожая в . Автор – MOB ARCHITECTS, Модерн

12. Minimalist entrance, space saving and clear

Коридор и прихожая в . Автор – luigi bello architetto, Модерн

13. Modern, bright entrance comprising bookshelves and ornaments

14. Entrance with personal 'fabricated' touch

15. Entrance following a rectangular design in paintings and shelves

16. Attic entrance allowing the natural wooden floor to blend seamlessly into dream-like white decor

Коридор и прихожая в . Автор – Tarimas de Autor, Модерн Дерево Эффект древесины

17. Entrance hall with tiled flooring and a neat and tidy design.

Коридор и прихожая в . Автор – studiodonizelli, Модерн

18. Hallway fitted with intelligent lighting. Note how the angle of light complements the grain of the wooden floor

Коридор и прихожая в . Автор – desink.it, Модерн

19. A corridor full of striking colours. What an effect a few choice pictures and colours can have!

20. Entry with open-styled feature shelving

21. This modern IKEA-style hall is minimal, space-saving, bright and clean


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