7 bathroom mirror designs you'll want to try

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7 bathroom mirror designs you'll want to try

J. Utah – homify J. Utah – homify
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To most people, mirrors are a given functional necessity in any bathroom. However, a savvy designer will also acknowledge that the clever use and placement of mirrors can completely change the perceived shape and dimensions of a bathroom. Deciding on the style, size and shape of mirrors is an integral part of designing the perfect bathroom! The team at homify have come up with 7 very distinctive designs to assist you in your quest. Enjoy!

1. Circular mirrors

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Cheerful and interesting at the same time, this busy marble wall design was a very clever integration in a small spa area. By placing one round mirror in the centre of a splashed pattern or mosaic, we naturally draw the eye into the focal point of a vibrant room. Not all mirrors need be mounted to a wall, though! Have a look here for further inspiration.

2. Add an extra dimension

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If the bathroom area you have is rather long and thin, why not use a rectangular mirror design to open things up and create the illusion of added space? We see from the below image an eloquent symmetry is achieved within the room, creating a certain balance and harmony in the bathroom space. A feeling of Zen radiates from the two-tone colour scheme and minimalist construction.

3. Mirrors to increase light

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Mirrors reaching to the ceiling exaggerate the natural height of the room. Here we have lamps on both sides of our central feature. The resulting reflection on the mirror is a unique way of illuminating additional areas inside the bathroom, and in the same instance, adding space to the entire area. The designer clearly has knowledge of how light bestows a sense of space in small places. The merging of lights and mirrors inside the bathroom is an intelligent choice, adding much to the décor of this spa area.

4. Mirrors in bathroom decor

The selection of bathroom mirrors must be intrinsic to the general décor of the entire bathroom, if you are to create balance in design. The above example of mirrors acting as paneling dominates the bathroom without being imposing. The wooden frame around the mirror above the sink lends an oriental touch, with wood and chains bringing a certain feudal element. While wood is a pleasing aspect of the design and certainly adds to the eastern feel, it can be a difficult material due to decay through moisture. We would advise you to treat any wooden parts prior to installation.

5. Small but distinctive

Whilst dramatic and eye catching, a bathroom need not necessarily be an area full of large mirrors. Here, we see the designer relied on thin rectangular mirrors in a relatively small space. This concept has succeeded in adding to the details of elegance and clarity.

6. Quality and placement

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A mirror can be a central feature in its own right. In this example, we're presented with wall-to-wall symmetry in a grand, old-world setting with a rather stately mirror. The designer intends for you to be placed within the frame of a portrait, in the geometrical centre of this bathroom. There is an air of quality in the furniture. No expense has been spared! This is a room which exudes an exotic regal dominance. We can see how such a grand mirror fits in with this particular design and how out of place it might look in a modern Scandinavian or minimalist bathroom.

7. Luxurious mirrors

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Modern thinking suggests a bathroom mirror needs to be larger or at least as large as a sink. Often designers are advised to stay away from large bowls, especially in a small bathroom space. However, if space is not an issue and you prefer extravagance, then a mini reservoir complete with chest cabinets will add a luxurious feature to your intended design.

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