21 pictures of wardrobes you can easily copy in one weekend

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21 pictures of wardrobes you can easily copy in one weekend

Aqeelah Bawa-Osman Aqeelah Bawa-Osman
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You're running out of space to store your clothing, accessories and essentials, and are in need of a drastic wardrobe overhaul to maintain order. Well, the 21 wardrobe pictures in this feature will definitely create some fantastic storage alternatives for you… in no time. So whether it's a built-in closet to mask the chaos, a simple cupboard for those coats and evening gowns or even a completely new dressing room, our interior designers have something to suit your needs. Becoming organised doesn't need to leave you in a panic, and these gorgeous storage ideas will help you sort your life and closet, and therefore your entire home. Let's see how!

1. The simplest storage solution is often the easiest, go for a closet that fits into the niche of your wall and add some drawers for small items and accessories.

2. Be creative with unused space. An attic dressing room with built-in cupboards can solve all your off-season clothing clutter problems.

3. The simplest closet is the easiest solution, so if there's an unused corner in your bedroom than incorporate some chic shelving.

4. Boxes can do wonders for storage in your closet, and drawers are essential for those smaller items that you need to keep track of too.

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5. If you're a collector of shoes, then it's vital to have space to store your favourites while keeping them on display too.

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Full House Renovation with Crittall Extension, London


6. Convert an unused room can become a lovely walk-in closet.

Keep your bedroom tidy and uncluttered with very little extra features and a gorgeous sleek appearance, store all clothing in a walk-in closet.

7. A small apartment will have very little extra space, only include a bed and some lighting and go for this apt storage space.

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8. New doors can make a major difference to an old cupboard, so why not save space with sliding doors?

9. Organise the walk-in closet with shelves and railings.

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10. Achieve a masculine effect with this darker wooden storage unit.

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Катя Волкова

Дизайн-проект квартиры для молодого архитектора

Катя Волкова

11. A small bedroom with a shabby chic style can be enhanced with some vintage ladders and shelves for storage.

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12. Dramatic floor sweeping curtains are great for an old fashioned dressing room decor.

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Каменный лофт


13. Sleek glazing makes a sensational divider between the bedroom and closet area.

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14. Simple doors to hide the clutter combined with a neutral colour decor for a minimalist detail.

15. An open plan closet with shelves, railings and drawers are the perfect storage solution for a spacious bedroom or dressing room.

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16. Mirrored cupboard doors can do wonders for enhancing space in a small room, while also keeping all the disorder out of sight.

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17. For an authentic antique look, go for vintage cupboards that evoke a dramatic effect of classic charm.

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18. An open closet with neutral colour decor is perfect for that Bohemian bedroom filled with fresh air and sunshine.

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19. An eclectic pattern on an old wardrobe adds some fascinating detail.

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20. There's no better way to store your intimates, love letters and favourite perfumes than a chest of drawers, and this pastel blue choice is pretty and elegant.

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21. Hang it

Sticking some door knobs to the wall of your closet for your coats, bags and scarves is a fabulous way to free up shelf space. These 20 smart and affordable wardrobe ideas (that are easy to copy!) are just as useful.


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