36 ideas for a minimalist style that only people with taste can love

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36 ideas for a minimalist style that only people with taste can love

Sunita Vellapally Sunita Vellapally
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A home with minimalist design not only has a modern look, but also provides a relaxing space that is devoid of chaos. By combining aesthetics with functionality, it truly represents the mantra of ‘less in more’. The key to a minimalist home is organization as everything needs to have a designated space where it can be stored when not in use. The style also makes use of the available elements in the home, such as natural light, to keep the fixtures to a minimum. Similarly, white is a favourite colour of the minimalist style.

However, the minimalist look is not for everyone. Only a few people appreciate the style that it brings to a home. Take a look at these 36 designs to see whether or not you are a fan.

1. Perfection with minimum accessories

2. A stylish kitchen the combines everything without appearing cluttered

Кухни в . Автор – RO|a_, Минимализм

3. The minimalist look can extend to stairs with a sheer glass safety rail

4. A spacious and well-organized kitchen with everything hidden away

5. A minimalist solution to creating a divider in the entrance area

6. Kitchen with minimal play of contrast shades

7. A smart divider between the living area and the bedroom

8. The timeless style of a minimalist bathroom

Ванные комнаты в . Автор – Peter Pichler Architecture, Минимализм

9. An L-shaped minimal kitchen that keep the area looking spacious

10. White walls and cement floors are minimal but stylish

11. An open feel with minimalist design

12. Living room with light toned wood contrasted by a few black elements

Гостиная в . Автор – bdastudio, Минимализм

13. A clutter-free minimal bathroom with a large mirror

Ванные комнаты в . Автор – stefania eugeni, Минимализм

14. A minimalist loft makes the most of natural light

Дома в . Автор – moovdesign, Минимализм

15. A small open kitchen with storage along the passageway

Кухни в . Автор – bdastudio, Минимализм

16. Space-saving design embeds the lights in the ceiling

Гостиная в . Автор – ristrutturami, Минимализм

17. Straight lines make a simple bathroom look sophisticated

18. A double bed floating in the middle of the room

19. Tempered glass showers to keep every corner of the bathroom bright

Ванные комнаты в . Автор – Edoardo Pennazio, Минимализм

20. A clever solution for a bed in a studio

Гостиная в . Автор – ristrutturami, Минимализм

21. Open plan dining and kitchen for cooking and serving meals for a large family

22. All-white living room is quintessentially minimalist

Гостиная в . Автор – stefania eugeni, Минимализм

23. White and beige bathroom retains natural light

Ванные комнаты в . Автор – stefania eugeni, Минимализм

24. This linear kitchen is a minimalist design

26. Minimalist space on a budget

27. High ceilings in a minimal apartment

Гостиная в . Автор – homify, Минимализм

28. Bathroom with a lovely play of contrasts

29. A minimalist solution for a divider in the kitchen

30. A room with a see-through bathroom

31. Another idea for a room with a bath

Спальни в . Автор – Barra&Barra Srl, Минимализм

32. A long counter in a minimalist kitchen

33. Space-saving storage in the corridor

Коридор и прихожая в . Автор – bdastudio, Минимализм

34. Custom-built shelves provide space-saving solutions in the room

35. A terrace with ultra-modern sculptural furniture

36. Minimalist terrace with wood flooring and straight-lined furniture

Tерраса в . Автор – studioSAL_14, Минимализм Дерево Эффект древесины

See A Minimalist Home for an Indian Family for a gorgeous home in the minimalist style.


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