See how clever people decorate their narrow hallways

Johannes van Graan Johannes van Graan
Penthouse, Zurich Studio Frey Коридор, прихожая и лестница в модерн стиле
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Hallways really tend to get a bad rep, don’t you agree? For some, a hallway is nothing more than a communication point between different rooms; and for others it is a mere dumping ground for shoes, keys, and other paraphernalia that you grab at the last minute as your flee the house. 

Well, today we stop neglecting our valuable hallways and start treating them with some respect – and style. An entrance hallway is the first interior space that a guest sees when entering your house. And a hallway that links up rooms (like the living room and bedroom, for example) deserves just as much beauty.

So, let’s see how to add some ‘wow’ factor to those long and narrow spaces in your home.

1. Lighten it up

Narrow hallways often lack windows, which means artificial lighting and mirrors are fantastic ways of bringing in some light – and elegance.

2. Make an impression

homify Коридор, прихожая и лестница в модерн стиле

If you have space for a table – even the narrowest of consoles – you have space to stop them in their tracks. Pick a traditional table with a marble or marble-like top and use it as the basis for your display.

Go for pieces that will look eye-catching, like a standout sculpture and striking vases, all in a monochrome palette.

Add a bright rug for extra impact.

3. Go arty

Penthouse, Zurich Studio Frey Коридор, прихожая и лестница в модерн стиле
Studio Frey

Penthouse, Zurich

Studio Frey

Make that hallway so much more striking by creating your very own gallery display. Give the walls a fresh new coat of paint, and hang your chosen collection of framed prints and artworks. 

Choose a mixture of diverse frames (such as gilt and black) to reflect the diversity of your collection.

4. Keep the clutter hidden

Appleby Oak Wide Ottoman Box The Cotswold Company Коридор, прихожая и лестница в стиле кантри Дерево
The Cotswold Company

Appleby Oak Wide Ottoman Box

The Cotswold Company

You don’t need lots of space to hide lots of clutter – a sturdy trunk or a seat/bench with built-in storage can serve as a great place to stash shoes and umbrellas, while also providing a spot to perch when taking off (or putting on) your footwear.

5. Love that runner

Roger Oates Chatham Mallow stair runner Roger Oates Design Коридор, прихожая и лестница в модерн стиле
Roger Oates Design

Roger Oates Chatham Mallow stair runner

Roger Oates Design

Hallways with steps that have a solid wall rather than open balusters can be among the trickiest of spaces to decorate. Look to a stylish runner rug with a strong linear stripe to open up that hallway and link it up with an internal staircase.

6. Add floating shelves

Rectangular Living Room Furniture Casa Più Arredamenti
Casa Più Arredamenti

Rectangular Living Room Furniture

Casa Più Arredamenti

Floating shelves don’t take up any floor space, which means they help to keep that small hallway neat and clutter-free, making it feel more spacious.

Plus it adds personality to a plain wall!

7. Focus on the floors

Oakhill Court, Putney Ardesia Design Коридор, прихожая и лестница в рустикальном стиле
Ardesia Design

Oakhill Court, Putney

Ardesia Design

Choose light flooring to add a sense of spaciousness. Stone tiles are enjoying a fabulous comeback on both walls and floors, and your narrow hallway is the perfect space in which you can flaunt a bit of rustic design. 

On the other hand, some dusty parquet floors can also look quite amazing.

8. Use the power of plants

If your hallway is too narrow to house large pieces of statement furniture, you can still get away with a narrow console, ledge or shelf (or even a windowsill), and that is where you can add some decorations in the form of indoor plants

Select them according to their sculptural shape and size and use pots and planters for the colour elements.

Let’s see how you can: Breathe New Life Into Your Home With House Plants.

9. Paint the walls

This may sound simple, but you need to be clever with your choices. We recommend light colours to lighten up that narrow space (think neutrals like off-whites, beiges, dusty greys, or pale natural tones such as sea-foam green or daffodil yellow).

Horizontal stripes that run the length of the hallway can also add some visual interest. 

From painters to plumbers, we have them all here on homify, and much more. Check out our professionals page.

10. Decorate with cushions

Cushions Zoe Attwell ГостинаяАксессуары и декорации
Zoe Attwell


Zoe Attwell

The smallest and simplest of hallways can be saved with some stylish fabric. Add a slimline bench to provide the perfect perch for a wonderful collection of patterned and colourful cushions. 

Whether you opt for stripes or chevron, florals or damask, look for designs in different shades, shapes and sizes; and try those with piping or frills for extra detail.

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